Shard: Greybriar
Name: Wintercharm - Dreamer
Owner: Odinstunic

I tried for two days to make a dimension in her name , a garden , a house , something funny,... nothing for me worked i built one house 9 times two nights ago only to realize it wasn't the house nor the color or style it has her . I tried for the next day to ask the question " what would winter do"?, make us smile is what she would do or lend a hand or give an idea, the gazebo contest that nouvae held means a lot to me do to winters dim " Zen Garden" and the convos we had that day and there after . I can say this much as truth her parents raised her to be the greatest i just wish her family peace in time and to know she won't be forgotten and will always be missed and is with us all " her second family (Rift) ".

Big Thank you to These Angles for last min fireworks help to light up the sky .