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Thread: Wintercharms Garden @Greybriar

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    Default Wintercharm's Garden

    Within the Rift DimensionAddicts@deepwood community we were all shocked and saddened to hear that a lovely young lady who was heavily involved here was recently killed in an accident.
    Many that reacted with her in the dimension world and her guild Dharma reached out to her family to let them know how heartsore they were to hear of this precious loss of life.

    Several people jumped in to create tributes to her and Trion has even participated in building a memorial in Iron Pine Peaks. A friend of our guild, Kiwi, has created a beautiful dim “Wintercharms Garden” and invited anyone that wanted to contribute to add flowers, especially loved by Wintercharm, and create gardens to honor her memory.

    Gaiscioch, even though not knowing Wintercharm, were happy to help create a soft inviting atmosphere in her memory. While we didn’t get everyone into the picture we wanted to help show our effort in sharing with the Rift community our sorrow and send hope for healing and blessings to her RL family and the family here that only knew her beautiful, cheerful, artistic spirit within chat channels and sharing within the dimension community.

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    Default Elaira/Elaenna Scappi & Louhi @ Faeblight Wintercharm's Garden contribution pictures.

    Wintercharms Garden @Greybriar-2018-01-10_133159.jpg

    Wintercharms Garden @Greybriar-2018-01-10_132627.jpg

    Thank you Gaiscioch

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    Default I miss her and a modest little tribute spot.

    Thank you Wintercharm for being the delightful and open and generous young woman you were. You brightened many of my days. Thank you Kiwi for the spot to honor her. I chose some cool blues of Winter and the warm sunny flower amid the sparkles of her charm. <3

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