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    Default an angel got her wings

    The dimensionaddicts chat channel has been a blessing for me. Trades and tours have lead to strong friendships. Encouragement and kindness, not just limited to dimensions, but other aspects within and beyond the game. Friends that I carry in my heart day in and day out, even if I don't see them for days, weeks, months.

    It is with deep sadness, to inform you that Wintercharm@Hailol has passed. Her mother sent out word on the dimension skype channel:
    "This user name belongs to my daughter
    She was hit by a semi truck and killed today
    She loved this game and you people so much so I wanted to say thank you for being so kind to her
    One of her goals in life was to see the Trion building so pls remember her.
    I'm so sad she was my baby
    ty all for being such good friends to her"
    Wintercharm was a humble but premier builder. She had an excellent sense of color, beautiful designs, and an eye for detail; her builds often featured cute animals and fantastic gardens. She was always eager to tour others' builds and to lend a hand. She will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to her family. May she rest in peace and shine bright in the soulstream.

    an angel got her wings-2017-12-21_012607.jpg
    Pumpkin Spyce Cottage
    an angel got her wings-2017-12-21_013724.jpg
    Aurora Castle
    an angel got her wings-2017-12-21_014631.jpg
    Aurora Castle
    an angel got her wings-2017-12-21_020911.jpg
    Northpine Village
    an angel got her wings-2017-12-21_021308.jpg
    Northpine Village
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    Beautiful Wintercharm,

    I'm writing this like you are reading this, part of me hoping you'll log back on skype and tell us you have mate who played a cruel prank.... You have been such a highlight in my day every time I logged in baby girl. Your enthusiasm and love for Dimensions so contagious. Thank you for being you.

    an angel got her wings-0a.jpg
    I went and sat with you for a while tonight and remembered our love for pumpkin spice.
    RIP sweet angel Wintercharm

    Sending so much love to Wintercharm and all her loved ones at this tragic time.
    Telara won't be the same for anyone who knew you.

    Arohanui e hoa,
    Kelley AKA Kiwi

    Thank you Sparklynn xox
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    Far, far too young.

    My deepest condolences to her family and friends for their loss.

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    My thoughts and prayers go towards her family and friends.

    This community builds bridges and friendships all over the world, in ways I had never thought possible... Rest in peace, Wintercharm, you will be greatly missed.
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    I couldn't believe it when I first heard the news... When I started playing Rift, my first guild on Hailol was almost like a second family, but just in the space of a few months, many left the game. I switched shards, settling in Greybriar, though quite often I felt incredibly lonely.

    The wonderful dimension community accepted me in, and slowly but surely, the loneliness I had felt vanished, and the bonds I formed with other dimensioners became stronger, and I found myself within another amazing family.

    Winter, your friendship, kindness, and generosity meant so much to me. Your passion for life, your compassion towards others, and your amazing talents inspired me to be a better person. You were always there with friendly advice and a listening ear. I will always treasure your friendship. You will be greatly missed by us all.

    As I sat at the top of your Northpine Village, looking upon your golden eagles, I thought of song "Brothers under the sun". Winter, though you might not be with is anymore, we will always remember you. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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    What!!? No!!

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    I am absolutely heartbroken. I can't even imagine the pain your family must be suffering right now. You were an extraordinary person. To say you were a ray of sunlight would be an understatement. I've always been blown away by your kindness, generosity, wit, and creativity. You had an awareness about you that made it hard to believe you were only a teenager. I am truly a better person for having been friends with you. Thank you for the positive impact you have had on my life. I will miss you forever. Love always, Audz

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    So sorry to hear of her loss, especially in that tragic--avoidable--way. Christmas will be a difficult time for her loved ones this year, and always. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

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    Condolences for the family and those close to her, either IRL or in game. Game friendships can also become very close.

    Sparklynn, thank you for sharing this terrible news. She will be fondly remembered. She's definitely left a few sparkles with many, and will no doubt keep on shining in her own way.

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    As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain her own mother must feel. I am very, very sorry for the loss.

    I will remember Winter as generous in all ways, a beautiful girl in every way that truly counts.

    She will be sorely missed, but as long as we remember her, she is not truly gone.
    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    Breaks my heart to hear this
    She were always so kind and generous
    She will surely be missed
    Hidden Gem By Zeamage@Gelidra

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    I am so very, very sorry to see this news.

    The best thing about online gaming is meeting wonderful people from around the world, building friendships and families... the worst thing is when they pass on. I am happy and grateful to all those lost to us, and hope they have found peace.

    Wintercharm, you will be sorely missed by all who had the chance to know you.

    Be well all, and hug your fellow souls while you can.

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    That message from her mother on Skype had me in tears, I cannot even begin to imagine their pain.
    She was an extraordinarily nice and generous person, who would go out of her way to help others.
    She will be missed.

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    Default Heartbreaking

    I was hoping that someone was playing a cruel joke in chat today when I heard about the loss of Wintercharm. My heart broke when I found out it wasn't. She was one of my biggest inspirations that got me started to even attempt to become a dim builder. That was before I got to know her in dimensionaddicts chat. I have never met a kinder, more humble and caring person. Her loss will be felt deep and long. My thoughts and prayers go out for her family. As a mother, I can't imagine the pain her parents feel. Winter, dear one, you were loved and you will be missed.

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    I am so very shocked and saddened to hear this. My heart and thoughts go out to this sweet girl's family, and also to our dimension family here in the game. Wintercharm has touched so many of us here not only with her warmth and kindness, but also with the dimensions that she's built: each a tiny peek into the joyful, whimsical, creative soul of their charming creator. I'm grateful to have known her, and for the uplifting impact she's made on us all.

    Love and Light

    Dimensions on Faeblight by Holly * Hawthorn * Ivy

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