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Thread: Snowball fight in dimension for yule?

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    Default Snowball fight in dimension for yule?

    Okey, so its Yule and that means for me, parties with friends and guildies in a dimension and it got me thinking about activities to do in dimensions, so came to think about the snowball quest we do as one of the dailys during the event.

    It would be amazing if it was possible to get those snowballs as item, not consumble preferable, but usable in dimensions, so we could have snowball fights in our dimensions whenever the yule spirit hit us, for the fun of it, i dont know, a snowball field maybe ?

    In general i would like to see more things being usable in dimensions, but i know this might be hard to do, doesnt stop one from wishing though

    ^^ Hopefully im not alone about thinking this could be fun.

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    LotRO had a similar event during their Yule festival and it was quite possibly some of the most fun I've ever had. They already have the mechanic being used in Tok's Proving Grounds so it would be awesome to see it as an actual event
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    Two years ago Krug who introduced interactive npcs to dimensions asked what we wanted to be active in dimensions - the snow fight and sled ride came up as well as the canon in Codex during Carnival.

    Since Tacitus has taken over most parts of everything Dimensions with BlazingOctupus. The short and narrow of it is resources and time. Tacitus is of the mind he would rather make a ton of new things that take less time and resources than spend all his time making one thing which is what anything interactive would entail though he will spend his own time on such things like an interactive door or window many will use if he can.

    Just offering some background in case this still isn't foreseeable though 100% agree some interactive items from events next year for dimensions would be AWEMAZING (especially the three mentioned in first paragraph.)

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