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Thread: Pumpkin Spyce Cottage

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    Default Pumpkin Spyce Cottage

    I recently made this one for Dharma's guild dimension contest, and I've just finished touching/polishing it up a bit more. This is my eleventh dimension, and its called Pumpkin Spyce Cottage (inspired by my favorite seasonal beverage) by Wintercharm @Hailol. I had to use a spelling variant for "spice" because apparently it is a curse word and not available to be used in a dim name

    Anyhow, I hope y'all enjoy, and happy rifting!
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    A very charming little cottage! Loved your morphs on the interior as well as your exterior detailing. Very cozy and warm, can't wait to settle in!

    (About the curse word thing, it's weird the words that are not allowed. Spice, Pine (?)...Where does it end?!?)
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