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Thread: New Item Tours

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    I am going through my half-dozen or so previously open-to-the-public dimension builds. I have always been the type to continuously update builds, anyway. Which is the reason I only have a few. With the increase in item count we all get to revisit those old builds.

    So... I thought I would start a thread where builders can post shots of things added to builds that your friends and guildmates already had the chance to "plus one" when it had a lower item limit.

    Plenty of room for more. I build on two alt's keys right now: Pintseyes@Greybriar and Getchasome@Greybriar.

    Updated: for Harvest '17 (with room for more in upcoming events) "A Bazaar Outpost"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Item Tours-20171027091316_1.jpg   New Item Tours-20171027092917_1.jpg  
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