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Thread: Dimension Storage vs Loot Crate UI - Why is storage not the priority?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maegwynn View Post
    I hate having to log through toons to get stuff from their guilds, and I would make happy dances if I could free up at least some of my storage dimensions to actually BUILD in them...
    I do not want to admit to how many dims and vaults ant alts I use for dim storage.... apparently we all need an intervention lol! (hopefully in the way of a storage UI..)

    We definitely need some sort of UI for storing dim items. We are only allowed 20 dims per toon, and like others have said, it would really be great to actually be able to build in them instead of having to use them for storage.

    Recently I emptied a completely full Anywhere Dim of storage with the intent of building for a contest , but by the time I moved and resorted that many items, I had wasted an insane amount of time and just didn't feel up to building in the time I had left. Trying to remember where I moved stuff too has gotten out of hand also.

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    I thought I was bad with Dimension items, but I can't even imagine having things like some of you guys with tens of thousands of items organized over a dozen or more dimensions... I can easily see me getting to that point if I opened some of the dozens of Dimension boxes and had to find somewhere to put all of my items...

    Please guys, prioritize this!

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    Default YES THIS!

    I must admit that I don't have even half the storage of you guys, but it's getting there very quickly and I find myself going through all the storage dims I have just to find that ONE thing. I also have an alt for storing building blocks with a guild bank I created.

    I will say that I spend a good amount of time running around looking for things, more than I should be doing, I should be building, heh.

    I think without the item list or moving crate, I would be done with dims because forget about physically going through them, lol.

    It would be cool to have a ui for dim storage only, I do think however that would take a great strategy to create...So why not take the dim item lists or moving crates to a bank?? Basically you have everything there already we want...your just moving it to the bank tabs. Just an idea It does waste a ton of time going through all these dim items, it sometimes makes me feel hindered of what I create because I know if I could be somewhat organized, I'd be a ten times better dimmer for that fact alone.
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    I already put in this suggestion on the suggestion thread, but I'll repeat it here because it's on-topic.

    I think they should/could adapt the artifact collecting UI to dimension item collecting and storage. All categorized and previewable. Imagine.

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    Tinderal, I must say, I love how you organized your storage dim. Will absolutely be doing that in future—it's amazing!

    A possible solution, something that might be easier for everyone (including the devs) as opposed to a new UI, could be that when you open a box, the items/blocks you acquire go into the store as a credit for your account. (I say credit as in the banking term, not as in the Rift currency term.)

    IRL, when I go to the bank and deposit 20, when I open my bank account, I see 20. If I withdraw 20, then I have 0 and can then use my "overdraft".

    In the case of Rift, if I open a box and get a Tribal Table, a Wood Chair, and a Kelari Pillar, they would go into the store UI, with a little number (like the numbers of stacked items in our bags/bank). When I place the Tribal Table in my dim, the store shows no little number, and I know that the next item I take from there, I will have to pay for. If I have, say, 10 Tribal Table in my account, then I know I can use up to 10 of them before I need to pay for one.

    I hope what I'm saying makes sense, I imagine it can be a bit confusing. Either way, hope this works out, as so many people would like it.
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    I love that idea Gwed, it's the best one I've read so far
    That would be very convenient, you wouldn't have to swap back and forth between the store and a storage UI

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