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Thread: Helping Rebuild

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    May 2015

    Default Helping Rebuild

    I was sitting on my couch this evening, streaming positive thoughts and prayers for those in the lines of the hurricanes, and had a thought. It would be really great if we, as dimensioneers, could give a helping hand.

    As natural disasters occur throughout the year, across the world, I hope if something comes out of this, that it would be ongoing. That it would be through a reputable charity that truly uses what is donated to help those who have lost so much.

    I shudder at the thought of breaking apart a dimension, but I can't even imagine the loss of losing your real home. Knowing that this could happen to me, to my family, to my friends (fellow dimensioneers included), really saddens me.

    As soon as the word "destruction" flashed in my head, it was always followed by "help rebuild." So my proposal is three new building block sets, that would be credit only, and their profits would go to charity. They would NOT be a limited time deal, but available thereafter. Should this be made, hopefully the designs would be something that is very useful, so people would continually be interested in them.

    I know making a charity like this might take time, but I really hope that something like this comes to fruition.

    Thanks for your consideration,

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    I think that this is an excellent idea, I would definitely support something like this
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    I would too.
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    Shadowlander Tinderal's Avatar
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    Fabulous idea!

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    Rift Chaser polynomia's Avatar
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    Absolutely awesome idea, and I am certain they would love to help too.

    I am pretty sure though, that this is something that will take some time to create, and it is my impression that they are pressed for time as it is.
    But I am sure they will get around to looking at this as soon as they can

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    Feb 2015


    This is such a great idea, Spark!
    We've had limited time charity bundles in the past, but having an ongoing thing is even better as we could support it without being limited in time, whenever we can. If there was such a thing, I'd definitely support it as well.
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    I would definitely support this idea ... great thinking, Sparklynn!

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    *getting ready to empty my account*
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    This would be a great thing. How amazing to build dimension on Rift and help rebuild the real one. I'm with you!

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    Nov 2015


    Excellent idea Spark! I would join you in this.

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    Telaran Aurowyn's Avatar
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    Good idea.

    I spent most of the summer on either evacuation order or alert due to wildfires. The fires are still ongoing. I have been fortunate that my home is still here, but many around me have not been so lucky. Many have no insurance due to either high costs in rural areas, or living in places that Insurance companies refuse to do coverage for. This has left a lot of folks homeless with winter coming on soon. We have already been getting below freezing at night. There are many who could benefit from some financial help.

    Anyway, I do hope any funds do NOT go to the Red Cross, PETA or SPCA though. Their behavior involving animals in Texas has been nothing short of criminal.

    It would be nice to see funds go to the many small rescue organizations that are actually doing good for people and animals despite lack of funding.
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    If I may make a suggestion as to tile texture, I'd love to see tiles in some of the dull metals that are around Telara.

    Metal tiles, that match the verdigrised copper or dull brass on the Emperial Generator, the dull pinkish and greyish metals on the Draumheim Landmark or the dull silver found on the Storm Legion items, would be most welcome.

    Helping Rebuild-dull-metal.jpgHelping Rebuild-verdigris.jpg

    P.S. Margle Palace coloured metals would be great too!
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