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Thread: Dimension Key Universal Cool Down Time

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    Default Dimension Key Universal Cool Down Time

    I was wondering is there a reason Dream Weavers have a universal cool down time for making dimension keys?
    Is there a reason we are limited to making 1 key every 20hrs? I might be able to see a need to limit the newer keys to an individual cool down time for what ever reason.but I really don't understand the need for them all to go into 20hr cool down.
    If this is really necessary, could you consider giving them all individual cool down times instead of the universal cool down time they are now? So if we make a mistake, change our minds or helping someone else out we can make another key that day?
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    For the same reason the other crafting professions have cooldowns- to limit the amount of AH sales.
    Take the anywhere dim, probably the most popular or at least was at one time. Depending on Shard, Dream weavers were selling these keys for 100-400 plat a piece.

    On Laethy's they still run about 85 plat, but imagine if they had no creation limit? The more people interested in dims, would push the supply and demand.

    Technically, you could make a ton of plat if there were no cooldowns.(And we all know how Trion doesn't want that!). I think its BS to cap the creation of keys, but hey, its not my game.
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    Default Price

    *all of the above. Plus it helps to keep the price up so you can get a return on the materials if you do try to sell them.
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