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Thread: The Benifits of Touring Alts

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    Default The Benifits of Touring Alts

    Hi everyone,
    With summerfest winding down I got to thinking how lucky I was to receive 2 great pieces of advice when I first joined the dimension community. Because this post will mention the leveling of touring als and plus ones, I want to state right up front this post is not intended to make anyone feel they have to level up their touring alts, as always that decision is yours.. Nor is it about plus ones or how to improve our rating system for dimensions. This post is about the great advice I got and what has happened to me as a result. Our dimension community has increased by leaps and bounds and I would like to share this with them in hopes it may help them also.

    I fell in love with dimensions as soon as I found them. When I first joined our community I was given 2 what I consider great pieces of advice and both concerned touring alts.
    The first was just that touring alts , With these wonders you could actually go see dimensions on other shards, the only thing was to be able to plus a dimension with them they had to be level 10. So I set out to do just that, making an alt and leveling each to level 10 ( because I wanted to be able to plus those wonderful dimensions) on each shard of my cluster first then the other cluster.
    Shortly after I completed my cluster I was given the second piece of great advice and that was about "Shard Shopping" I don't know about anyone else but I do love a bargain. My alts didn't have very much money at the time and I wasn't in to transferring so I decided to do the daily fishing quest on the alts in no time they had money to spend and spend they did the bargains I got were unbelievable to me. Back then we used dim drops now it is much easier with cross shard trading.
    Then my first real festival for dims rolled around and the light bulb went off. i could actually get extra festival currency with these guys which I did. After that, needless to say I leveled them more so they could do more at fest time.

    Because of those 2 pieces of great advice I am happy to say not only have I enjoyed touring so many wonderful dimensions I also have gotten some great bargains on dim items, rexes and a great stash of the precious limited dim items from each and every fest from then on.
    Now I don't want to lead you astray I work hard for every festival but the end result for me is well worth it.

    To those now good friends that gave me the advice and helped me with those oh so many dim drops Thank you so very much.
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    Good advice:-) as for shard-shopping... I never seem to have enough platinum to have a viable amount on my touring alts :-D but fortunately I have friends who can shop in other ahs :-)

    (I'm giving away my stuff freely im return, so I don't have a bad conscience :-D )
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