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Thread: Mystery box question

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    Default Mystery box question

    Hi. Is it still possible to get the Mystery Box: Imperial Wonders? or is that gone for good? So many awesome dim items in that box!

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    it's gone, it only reappeared for a special weekend a few weeks back and might return for other special offer weekends. the contents will probably be or are already in the stan's lure loot table, but I don't know that for sure
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    Default maybe????

    It could be lurking in the new lockboxes.....

    I know when they did the livestream preview of vostigar peaks a few weeks back on the pts, they opened a few of the lockboxes and one gave a shal korva dim box... so its quite possible that they might be in there too....

    Not completely certain on this, would need a dev's confirmation, but its a possibility.

    Honestly i'm not sure how much more can sit on stan's loot table before the table's legs give out.... XD

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