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Thread: A dimmers real life nightmare

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    Default A dimmers real life nightmare

    Been really busy with my entry for CC3, checking for gaps, flickers and things sticking out where they shouldn't.
    At some point i needed a break, some food and a shower. So i'm standing in the shower, relaxing, I look up and see this:

    I just moved in a few weeks back, didn't notice until now, and i wish i hadn't

    When will i get a break, and where were Tinkertools when they built my apartment???

    Anyone else have similar issues that made them think of Dimensions and Tinkertools?

    Have a great day everyone
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    This cracked me up...

    I Rift, therefore I am.

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    There have been a few times lately when looking at a diorama in a museum where I have thought, "If this was my DIM, i would move this to here, and that to there"...
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    I actually have this happen several times a week with something. It's often landscaping, poor pathing or lighting, color combos that don't play well together or pinging the things on my dimension wishlist.
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