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Thread: Welcome to Hell (Tartaros by Alliendre@Brutwacht)

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    Default Welcome to Hell (Tartaros by Alliendre@Brutwacht)

    Hell is closed due to overcrowding ;-)

    Welcome to Tartaros, the greek hell of punishment. You can find all the inhabitants including the danaides (at least the inhabitants known to me!)

    It's very effect heavy, so give your gfx some extra cooling before you enter ;) The shimmering effect disappears when you get close enough to the different sites, or you can probably see better when you zoom up a bit. I like it, but it could cause a bit of nausea for some people. Enter at own risk!

    Welcome to Hell (Tartaros by Alliendre@Brutwacht)-2017-07-14_194215.jpgWelcome to Hell (Tartaros by Alliendre@Brutwacht)-2017-07-14_194500.jpgWelcome to Hell (Tartaros by Alliendre@Brutwacht)-2017-07-14_194524.jpg

    Tantalus (isn't allowed to drink or eat, with everything just out of reach)
    Danaides (have to fill a vessel that has holes in it with water)
    Tityos (giant whose liver and beating heart get eaten by vultures, left to heal, eaten again, left to heal...)
    Ixion (bound to burning turning wheel)
    Oknos (has to make a rope that constantly gets eaten by a donkey)
    Sisyphos (has to throw a rock off a mountain, but it always rolls down before he can manage it)
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    Wow! This is freaking awesome ... and scary! I very much enjoy the wide variety of dimensions you build, including the dark, odd, and unexpected builds like this one, which are so different and so amazingly creative!

    The setting and atmosphere you created look exactly like what I imagine a dungeon of torment and suffering would resemble (hopefully I never find out for sure). As usual, your people morphs are awesome (that pulsing liver is really creepy!) The punishment vignettes are appropriately scary ... and you even included all 50 of the Danaides! Fantastic work -- I wish I could +100!

    Here's another Tartaros -- an EP (Grand Psychotic Castle) of Norwegian black metal created by the Tartaros project -- which is also a bit scary in its own way. Careful with your volume! (listen here).

    My wacky weird (and mostly old) dimensions are tagged (diva) on Wolfsbane, Zaviel,
    Brutwacht, and Gelidra. I love to visit dimensions, so please invite me to see yours!

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