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Thread: ~Every Time~ Guild Hall

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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Kitasia's Avatar
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    Default ~Every Time~ Guild Hall

    Every Time of Deepwood would like to invite you to come see our newly built ~ Any Hour Bar and Gallery~ Just stop on by for a drink.

    ~Every Time~ Guild Hall-2017-06-12_001138.jpg
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    if you find some eyeballs somewhere, those are mine, they popped out after I saw your awesome writing!

    we already talked ingame, so I'll just leave a recommendation for everyone in here :-) well worth a visit!
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    I also said a lot in game, but this build is incredible. You've really outdone yourself, Kit. The stained glass windows in the garden are simply beyond belief, your lettering is fantastic, and the brawlin' boglings made me laugh out loud.

    Great work!

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    I've played some Archeage recently, and in the housing there, you can use "crest stamps" to transfer a real computer image file to an object in the game (to make posters, custom sails, etc.)

    When I saw your lettering, it didn't stand out at first....because my brain was thinking, "oh, that's a nice crest item"

    Then.....I smacked my forehead like...omg..this is RIFT...what am I thinking?! There are no crests...she morphed those letters! HOLY MOLY how beautiful!!! <3

    Absolutely stunning dimension!! (the fact I can have a drink while there is the cherry on top) hehe
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    Beautiful work, Kit! The lettering is by far the best I have seen, and the stained glass windows are absolutely stunning.

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    Excellent work Kit! Like I said before, I always enjoy seeing your builds, great talent at work =)
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    Absolutely amazing!!! The letters were so perfect and the stained glass is just wow! I felt like I was a VIP at the bar and lounge as well. Loved my visit, very well done Kit
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