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Thread: New colab dimension

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    Default New colab dimension

    Kozzzmo and myself would like to welcome one and all to our latest colab build. Title is '1715 Alittu' Dr. located on Deepwood NA. Penthouses with a view
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New colab dimension-2017-06-08_222234.jpg   New colab dimension-2017-06-08_222114.jpg  

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    you guys have WAY too much talent. I'm so offended by that, give some of that to us mere mortals

    fantastic dimension! I stood there gaping at the tv with some scifi movie on then I couldn't bear it anymore, went to the other side and threw myself off the balcony

    cheers, I hope to see many more collabs by you guys!
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    You have done it once again. Another amazing dimension guys! Awesome build

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    Great work, you two!

    I really enjoyed that each apartment was distinct, and reflected both of your personalities (full disclosure, Kozzmo gave me a sneak peek just before it was finished, so I know who built which side).

    Loved the wall art on both sides, as well as some of the very cool morphs you guys made along with the intense backdrop.

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    I visited the other day and holy smokes! After a bajillion elevators I made it to the top. It was well worth the trip! The view was awesome and the entire suite was masterfully crafted. I loved whole theme was just fabulous and I wanted to move in right away. Another amazing build by you two
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