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Thread: Draumheim Wall Lamp

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    Default Draumheim Wall Lamp

    I need this item in massive amounts for my new build and can't seem to find a good source.
    Tried Draumheim fishing caches and they don't seem to have them.
    I had this item drop from a mob in draumheim several times but can't remember which one?
    If anyone knows a good source of these lamps please tell me
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    I recall vendor trashing some of these after farming Lost Knot to make bags for guildies.

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    I don't think there's any other source for draumheim wall lamps than the draumheim treasure chests. Mobs only drop the draumheim hanging lamps and streetlamps AFAIK.

    But yes those chests drop a couple of other items too, some of which are more common than the lamps.
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    dimensionaddicts.com lists them as "fished up". I have no idea if they can be in the 8h or old minion boxes too though.

    good luck!
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    These are indeed from the chest that is a rare loot fishing in Plane of Water, and also available as a reward option from Stan in Choreburg for the fishing derby quest. Rare Atragarian Fish Lure seems to increase rate at which the chests drop, but these lamps are only one of many items in the loot table for these chests.

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    Default "Common" drop from Stan's Draumheim Daily

    The quest for 20 fish from somewhere in the Plane of Water obtained in Choreburg yields them often, except when you want or need them that is.

    The question would be which cluster do you need them on? EU or NA?
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    I have a few to donate on NA - let me know when, where and how many you're looking for.

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