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Thread: Alittu screens issues

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    Default Alittu screens issues

    I have come across the following issues while building.

    Although the front design of all of the screens looks great,
    Alittu screens issues-2017-06-01_134227.jpg

    the backs don't all have the same design as the front
    Alittu screens issues-2017-06-01_134310.jpg

    and even more troublesome, the small screen has an invisible lip on one side that prevents me from walking up next to the screen.
    Alittu screens issues-2017-06-01_134358.jpg

    I hope these issues can get sorted out!


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    Well considering you're on the subject. Desert Tailor's Sign also has an invisible back. And there's some seriously invisible wall collisions going on with some of the Transcendent & Relic items. Particularly noticed a large invisible wall around the Hammerknell WatchTower base (I think its that one anyway, there's a few of them).
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    The screens in Alittu have the same back side, so I guess it is intended.
    Not sure about the collision, might also be taken directly from Alittu.

    From what I understand, game assets can now be turned more directly into dimension items, which made the high rate of new items possible, but the disadvantage is that some are not so perfect.
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    in a similar vein, I was wondering why the Octagonal Display cases don't have glass sides in them like the other display cases.
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    While we have a thread open about some item issues, I notice the gold banded chest is off axis when it's placed. If you look at tt in the screenshot its not rotated at all. Not a big deal but might as well point it out.
    Alittu screens issues-2017-06-12_235203.jpg
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