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Thread: NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]

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    Hello Forum, im new on this thing about dimension, and this is my first one. I put a lot of work on this one so i hope some of you enjoy it a little.

    The dimension is designed by 5 levels:

    First level is about controlling direction, distances and type of jumps (walk jumps, edge jumps, backward jumps).

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-level1.jpg

    Second level is about distance jumps:

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-level2.jpg

    Third level is not about jumps, but finding the way out to the maze:

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-maze_down.jpg

    Level number four is about all types of jumps over the maze, so the interesting thing is not falling, because if you fall, you get inside the maze:

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-mazeup.jpg

    To get here:

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-level5.jpg

    5th level is about two special jumps:

    NEW DIMENSION [Jump Challenge & Maze Challenge]-level6.jpg

    Small introduction about first two levels and making the way to the maze:

    Sorry for spoil, but happens all the time players try first jump of first level, one or two times and leave the dimension because "is too hard" and miss the rest of it. And i feel pretty frustrated because nobody joins it, hope to promote it somehow, so i hope you like it...

    About the dimension:

    Dimension name: "Sobri Dimension"
    Shard location: "Deepwood"

    Alphaincubus is the owner/creator (that is me) and the dimension is a gift for my lovely friend sobri@hailol
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