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Thread: Adding Prizes to dimensions?

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    Default Adding Prizes to dimensions?

    Hello forum! As you know i finished my dimension "Sobri Dimension" at @DeepWood...

    So this is the thing, the dimension all is about jumping challenges.

    This have 4 levels, the third one is with a maze, so every time you miss a jump, you fall into the maze over again.

    Every level is pretty hard, and i put an artifact when you finish each one.

    The problems im dealing with now are this:

    *Artifacts dissapears when any player pick it up, and doesnt give any item, is like "symbolic" not real artifact.
    *Players gets frustrated and they leave dimension, they even cant see the maze because maze appears when you finish the first two levels.

    Jumps are too hard and advance to do (some walk jumps, back jumps, etc). So the idea i have is to put a price once you finish the whole jumping circuit. But i am not sure if is possible to do this.

    I want to put a coffer with platinums, or some artifact or anything... some kind of prize. So players will stay to get that prize.
    Does anybody knows how to do it? or any idea? Thanks, greetings AlphaGlobal

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    What you want is not possible, you can, however, do events on your shard with you in the dimension to hand prizes to players. A player on my shard does this with treasure hunts, and it's pretty popular.

    Have fun ;-)
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    As Alli mentioned above, just making the dimension itself give out prizes isn't possible (and thankfully so, otherwise it'd be exploited in the way you wouldn't like), however you can definitely host events in your dimensions and hand out prizes yourself (I remember Fara doing treasure hunts on NA and a couple creators also hosting events, not to mention the pvp dueling events and such). There's options you can think of that would include player participation and rewards.

    Unfortunately, with puzzles and jumping mazes it's pretty simple: some people enjoy them, some just don't. If a player enjoys jumping puzzles they'd stay without any rewards just because they like the challenge. If they don't - they might visit but will likely leave even with a reward in place simply because they don't enjoy jumping puzzles. It's not a good or a bad thing, it's just a matter of personal preferences (same way some people wouldn't like dark and creepy, some wouldn't like blinking and shining vfx, and some wouldn't like snowy landscapes - even though the dims might be perfectly built and put together).
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    I really liked Dimension pinatas, they would be a fantastic addition to dimensions for things like this and many more. Perhaps with three different types, or tiers of price a player pays for via credits?

    1. Artifacts-Common Epic Rare
    2. Artifacts - Epic Rare Relic
    3. Cosmetics - Emotes/hair styles/dyes/wardrobe)

    Three pinatas per, 3rd one being most expensive for credit cost etc?
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