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Thread: Elemental Farm & Apothecarium : Greybriar Shard

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    Default Elemental Farm & Apothecarium : Greybriar Shard

    Good Morning Fellow Riftenites!

    I'm releasing my new dimension Elemental Farm & Apothecarium on the Greybriar Shard.
    Kitsunetsuki has taken a few photos to help promote her farm. When visiting - the best experience is with music turned off which will highlight the natural sounds while strolling. That is found in game under settings/audio, moving the music volume slider down to 0.

    Before I forget, bring an umbrella. If you're squeamish about using an outhouse, take a trip to the bathroom before heading on over.

    Standing on the highest point is a nice overview of the farm, the rice paddy and the teleportation ring that she and her guests use. A video is also under development.

    Elemental Farm & Apothecarium : Greybriar Shard-elemental-farm-hill.jpg

    This is just a closer overview of the barn with a nice bonfire which is now helping to eliminate the flies and the smell coming from the outhouse. A recent customer used it and forgot to close the lid!

    Elemental Farm & Apothecarium : Greybriar Shard-bonfire-barn-outhouse.jpg

    This photo just highlights some of the Elementalist work Kitsunetsuki does for her customers. Unguents and alembics are the most popular, but other Elementalist items are sold to her more serious clients. Definitely not a place for children to wander.

    Speaking of wandering, it's safe to pet the horse, just watch where you step!

    Elemental Farm & Apothecarium : Greybriar Shard-barn.jpg

    Take a moment from your serious gameplay to visit Kitsunetsuki's Elemental Farm & Apothecarium.

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    Enjoyed my visit to your farm very much. Loved the morphed trees and the way the workshop was arranged.

    Great work!
    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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