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Thread: C-RP Key maker's Showroom - new RP location @Zaviel

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    Default C-RP Key maker's Showroom - new RP location @Zaviel

    Sharyu clipped the last wire in place and hit enter on the final code and with that the porticulum hum changed pitch slightly and she grinned. She had access to her workshop once more and about time as well.

    The events of the previous weeks ran through her mind, leaving her expression falling into a grim line and the dark look in her gaze only darkened further as she looked back to the outpost she was about to leave behind. "No more bloody 'could you just....'. no more 'this is urgent....'. I will come back when their bat crap crazy world has calmed down.....maybe."

    Looking back she stepped into the porticulum and in an instant disappeared, the moment she did the altered pitch reverted back and the low hum returned as if nothing had ever been done.

    (this dimension has been built for my newest RP character - a magitech expert with the skill in crafting and programming dimension keys. In character this place has been in her possession for some time but she lost access to it when she escaped Brevane and the clutch of the Storm Legion.)

    The entrance hall

    The banquet room

    The cultured garden

    The open dimension core

    The machine shop

    The slice of Silverwood

    The sliice of Moonshade

    These are just a couple of the 'diorama' she has created; the displays she uses to understand what a customer will need as she forges her new business in Mathosian lands. I love visitors and comments (though aim for not too mean :P )
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    I have spent quite some time in your dimension, it is awesome! Even without the rp-background, I could see the story you created, the workshop (which I am in love with), the dimension showcases, the item displays... I love it all

    great job, I had to tell all the guildmates that were online at that moment and get them to have a look too
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    I enjoyed my visit to your new dimension very much. I loved all the vignettes, and each zone is so distinct and recognizable. Great job with this large build, and visitors can definitely see the story that you tell with it.

    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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