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Thread: Looking for items I lost from the loss of my guild dim.

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    Default Looking for items I lost from the loss of my guild dim.


    [:::::Major Need:::::]
    - Alittu Display Screen Giants
    - Vine Wall
    - Ancient Druidic Monument
    - Titan's Gate
    - Statue, Seated Justice

    - Alittu City Wall, Long
    - Scarwood Roads
    - Corn Maze Kit
    - Treasure Room Wall Reliefs

    [:::::Major Wants:::::]
    - Hailol Rotunda
    - Death's Door
    - Morban Meat Tree

    - Large White Flagstone Facades
    - Lamp Trees
    - Open/Closed Carts

    - All the scratcher Pillows/Carpets/Curtains Combinations (Pink, Purple, Black, Green, Orange, Blue)
    - All of the Vendor Marble Block Colors
    - Stronghold Ball Goal Circle
    - Lavender Silverwood Tree
    - Young Lamp Tree
    - Rose-Shrine Gazebos

    I have many items I can trade for your help to give you at least equal or greater value in return for these items. Just message me in game @ Dimensions@faeblight

    Thank you.
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    I like to have at least 1 of each main item for my bank or storage
    - just to be clear, you only want these (and all the other ones you're trading) items to... have them in your bank? Not for building? Just curious.
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