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Thread: Pouring Rain Effect

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    Default Pouring Rain Effect

    Good Morning!
    I was visiting Farm related dims and came across Bov's Farm House which I thought was wonderfully made, though I was surprised by the rain effect off of buildings.

    I have rain in a few of my dimensions, but never the kind that shows rain falling off of roofs.

    Dimension addicts didn't seem to have anything that looked related.

    Has anyone seen this before?

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    It's a bunch of Awning Drip Lines, which can be crafted by Dreamweavers.
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    IIRC Bella rocked the same effect in her Paris dimension (Bellarosa@laethys if you have time to tour - her dims are all amazing). It's the indoor/outdoor item + awning drip lines attached to building edges and such + (if you're planning to build inside buildings too) weather blocking items (also DW crafted) covering the buildings so it doesn't rain inside :)
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