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Thread: I Love THIS Dimension! - Tuskar Mount GIVEAWAY - Anyone Can Enter!

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    Default I Love THIS Dimension! - Tuskar Mount GIVEAWAY - Anyone Can Enter!

    I Love THIS Dimension! Go Visit It!

    6th Year RIFT Anniversary Parade Tuskar Mount GIVEAWAY!

    6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar Mount - 155% Speed!

    How To Enter:
    Visit the Dimension Gallery and find a dimension that you have visited in the game and fell in love with or enjoyed visiting and would recommend for others to visit. Share the LINK to the dimension here in this thread along with a few words about what you liked about this dimension.

    Under your link & commentary post your in-game name and shard for the drawing.

    You must post another players dimension, do not post your own, or a collab that you helped to build.

    One entry per player.

    Example of an entry:


    Shalastiri Mirage by Amity on Greybriar features many unique and intricate morphs throughout, from the structures to the food, furniture, and birds flying by. I appreciate how Amity created this relaxing open-air and mystical atmosphere.

    Entry Name: Nouvae@Hailol

    Deadline Date & Time:
    Post your entry below by Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 3 PM Pacific Time.

    The Prizes - 20 Tuskar Mounts:

    All qualified entries will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win 1 of 20 Tuskar mounts!

    RandomPicker will be used as the tool for drawing the winners. Winners will be announced in this post sometime shortly after the deadline time and codes will be distributed via PM (Private Message) here on the RIFT forums.

    Good Luck!

    If the entry does not include the link, comments, and your entry name I will attempt to ask you to correct the issue. If it is not corrected on the deadline date it will not be accepted as an entry.
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    Default I LOVE this idea!

    Holly @Faeblight - Wanderlust

    I'm a huge fan of 400 capacity dimensions - the amount of ingenuity & thought to pull off builds in smaller dimensions always curls my toes in glee.

    Amity and Lils have also built some of my favorite small dimensions in the passed then you have Marnth and so many others on your site but today I'm choosing a dimension that speaks to my gypsy soul.

    Wanderlust is just amazing and was built before we have many of the items we do now making it even more so.

    +1 x10000000000000000 Holly!

    No need to enter me in draw just happy to link an awesome dimension and dimensioneer.

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    Default In love with dimension <3

    Hi Nouvae,
    How do you always come up with so many amazing idea's? Brilliant!

    This is not easy one for me to do. I'm in love with so many dimensions, i don't know where to start and who's dimensions is the best to share for this thread.
    So i am going right back to when i start building dimensions and for the first time went touring.
    I came across dimension by Seyler on Zaviel *The Addict's Collection*. This dim let me see that building dimension is not just putting existing items in to dim ,but what you can do with the same items and build something different. To look at the dimension item for not what it is. I hope i make some seance.
    Thank you Seyler for your amazing dimensions each and everyone of them is my favoriet !!!
    So here is my inspiration <3 :

    The Addict's Collection by Seyler on Zaviel

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    Prophet of Telara
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    Oh, this is a great idea, and kind of hard to do, there are so many dimensions I adore! So I'm posting one that left a long term impression on me: the giant ant farm by diva (spudkin). It is just so clever and funny, that it immediately made diva a dimensionerd who became a kind of idol to me (not the only one of course, but I have to choose here!). Also this among other dimensions showed me what's possible, and that dimensions can be funny too!

    The giant ant farm (diva) by Spudkin on Wolfsbane
    Entry name: Alliandre@Brutwacht
    Last edited by Maegwynn; 04-11-2017 at 07:58 AM.
    Dimensions on Brutwacht by Alliandre, Luisa, Alliendre, Kattima, Samrahia, Jaodya, Maegwynn, Guild "Stadtwache", Guild "Mules", Guild "Schlumpftastisch", several Collabs with different people - NEW: "The Headless Horseman" by Maegwynn, "Monkey Island 2", Collab on Chuliana, "Stuck at Rabbit's House (Alli)" on Jaodya

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    Default Great idea! I should be full time reviewer..

    Ermaahgeerrd, this is a tough one. Proper awesome choices by others as well, including the Shalastiri Mirage in the original post. I could have easily said the same if they had popped into my head.

    So I've decided to link something from my current home Zaviel and a dim that I discovered very recently (just makes choosing a lot easier..):


    Asterix and Obelix by Kahlann. Certainly a god of the morph, this guy has some skills. It's a confined piece, but this just allows for the level of detail to be so high. I do love the cartoon also, so there is a personal attraction here. The morphed characters are amazing, but so are equally the buildings. They look realistic enough to be a Trion asset, but so beautifully detailed they surpass the likelihood of being so. You can't enter the buildings or climb the tree house, but I wouldn't want to - It's a piece of 3D art after all, that captures the lightheartedness and humour of the cartoon perfectly.

    4.5 Fwobbles out of 5.

    Why only 4.5 you may ask? Because I'm an unreasonable human being that's why. Plus Dogmatix is the size of a rat, what's up with that?!

    Entry Name: Fwob@Zaviel
    Last edited by Refuge; 04-11-2017 at 07:53 AM.
    Fwob - Zaviel

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    Isle of Solitude by Kalt is an absolutely gorgeous dimension that obviously must have taken a long time and a lot of Plat to create, however the end result is a beautiful serene place. Honestly if that dimension were real I would love to go there to relax and read or paint. The dimension is somewhat maze-like which adds an air of mystery to the experience.


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    What if I say I love everyone's work, does that count? haha Seriously though it is beyond difficult to pick just one. I have so many fave builders on my list I can barely keep up with their new builds but I certainly try. I will add one that I would like to hang out in on a 24/7 basis. lol That is the only way I can possibly choose.

    I went through the dim gallery today(great site btw) I seen many dims I had no idea existed out there!

    So I choose Blythe@Faeblight - Margaritaville

    I love all the fun details in this dim! I could truly see myself enjoying every aspect of it. I play music so the stage, I could see myself on for sure. I also love to cook and I could see myself back their cooking up the best burgers for the crowd. And of course the MARGARITAS haha
    In my home town we have many bars/diners off the lake and this dim reminds me of some great memories.

    But honestly I can relate to every dim builder in some way or form because for me that is the beauty of it all.

    I don't wish to enter the contest, I just wanted to share some love.But thank you Nouvae.
    "I've had so many names, old names that only the wind and trees can pronounce" - Pan's Labyrinth

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    Behind you!


    My vote is for The Mummy by Rimisque on Deepwood. It's intricate, well put together, mysterious, and ominous. It feels like a fun house with a bit of suspense around each corner.

    Entry Name: Kyriakos@Deepwood

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    I must vote for the dim that was my first revelation : Elegance Art gallery, by Dragondancer on Zaviel shard.

    I had no idea what morphing was before visiting this. I remember staying in awe in front of these pieces of art, the white snow bird, the japanese painting. This day I understood dimensioning was not only housing for my roleplaying toons, but a way to create real art.

    And because I can't link another one, I want to give special credit and love to Arsury
    Arsury is a master of lighting and playing with dimension paints. This was the first time I saw dim paint used on vertical walls, another revelation.
    I love how Arsury creates a steampunk and poetic feeling in every dim he(she?) makes. Amazing and beautiful.

    Entry name : Mordrahan@Brisesol

    Dimensions on Brisesol : Domaine Imari (Mordrahan) / Centre de recherches (Mordrahan) / Laboratoire glaciaire (Mordrahan) / Last hope (Aislyn) / Le refuge du Corbeau Rouge (Kasora) / Kelari spirit (Asri) / Ghost ship (Syel) / A la vie, à la mort (Sadar) / Le chemin de l'harmonie (Sadar) / Temple Solaire (Sadar) / Refuge de montagne (Sadar)

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    Default I Love THIS Dimension!


    Kaleidoscope Art Gallery by Tinderal
    I love the house. It's like from a fairytale, isn't it from gingerbread? Going inside I would highlight its living room, warm and cozy in a quite simple way. And of course there is the art gallery section full of mysterious objects around from Telara.


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    Default Tears running down my cheeks

    And tummy pain from all the laughing.
    My absolute favourite dimension is:

    By Primazea, (Zeamage) on Gelidra
    This was an entry for the cake competition and at the time I was still fairly new at building. It was my first attempt at a contest so I was very excited to see all the other entries. So much good stuff and then I came to Zea's. OMG! I laughed so hard. I even thrust my laptop in front of my chap and demanded he look at it. He loved it... that in itself is a huge compliment.
    It was at that point that I realized how much humour you can put into your build and I've tried to do that ever since. Nothing will come close to OMG It's A Caaaake tho.

    Last edited by Tinderal; 04-14-2017 at 12:10 PM.

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    Default I love this Dimension

    I love all of Holly's Dims,
    But this one is just lovely, the details.....

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    I love so many dimensions, but the dimensions by Loveyttsab are among my favorites.

    Especially this one is so full of gorgeous details and almost everything is a morph.
    Marie A. SECRET CHAMBER by Loveyttsab@typhiria



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    Default The dimension i chose

    I like the dimension Home Is Where The Hobbit Is by Audzilla most of all.


    There are a lot of interesting dimensions worthy of the best reviews. But I chose this one. It looks like a real hobbit house. It feels like you are in a fairy tale. Everything is cozy and neatly arranged. I liked it very much.


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    Red face I fall in love with Dims by Arsury of Zaviel at first sight.

    A year ago I was attracted by the dimension with the flying Nautilus in a snowstorm
    I decided to take part in your GIVEAWAY and to find a dimension. I found an interview with the author.

    I visited all 6 active Dims of the author and liked the dimension of the illusory bone dragon with a rider very much.

    But Dim Golden Sun Loft I liked most of all. Working laptop looks quite real.

    I recommend everyone to look for the author's huge-old-fat-“mathosian fold”-cat))

    Entry name : Gorden@Zaviel

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