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Thread: My official Kudos to the Dimension/Art team.

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    Default My official Kudos to the Dimension/Art team.

    I know you guys were dealing with some rough edges with 4.0 and the dev team getting sick and all the other unfortunate issues.

    I, personally want to thank all of those invested into Dimensions, from the lead producer, to the artists, to the gopher boy who keeps them going with coffee.

    This update is beyond amazing. I couldn't be happier(Although my bank account is crying right now).

    Parked Achlight rider? Archlight lifter...Dim item??!!! The whole scale of what you brought to the table is mind boggling.

    Stuff from PTW, SL, POW, SFP, and Telara..wow.

    I want the whole dev team to know we appreciate everything and everyone that went into making our dim-dreams come true. You are all awesome.

    Now onto Credit card number 2...
    Korvac the conquerer.

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    I would like to 2nd this motion.
    Specifically, i am over joyed with the scope and variety of items released.
    There truly is something for everyone.
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    yes, the new items are awesome!


    put it in my wrestling dimension (telara wrestling federation on brutwacht), now it makes me giggle even more than before! ;-)

    hailol is awesome too! (now in alice in wonderland )
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