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Thread: Happy 4.1 day on the 29th. So what are your plans?

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    Default Happy 4.1 day on the 29th. So what are your plans?

    Just to build some excitement and see what everyone has planned for the next few days when 4.1 hits.

    Personally, for me, this update is Christmas + New years all wrapped into one.

    1) I will shard first the crap out of Laethy's.

    2)I have a good 6 guildies that will be sending me the good minion boxes, daily.

    3)After a year of procrastination, I will finally build my Alien Cantina/bar/resort/casino, using Alittu Dimension. I may recruit anyone reading this if they would like to add a morph to this dimension, either as an Alien, a Structure, or something else referencing what I posted for the theme. Everyone is welcome to add something, I will just have to work with permissions and trust of course. Credit will go to all who add of course.

    4) I will be on the hunt for the Archlight Rider mount dimension item, and lots of them. So if you don't care for it and want to trade it for something more of your taste, I will be super-hording items. I just made 6 Anywhere dims for some alts. Storage is going to be an issue.

    5) My guild an I will most likely work on the new Crifts, and hopefully they will drop rare items(Tacitus, can you confirm?). I will see if I can get the guild organized enough to invite some fellow dimensioneers to hang with us, especially one's that don't have guilds.

    6)Korvac's tip of the day: If you have lowered level Dimension attractor minions, buff those guys up!! I think they sell dimension attractor minions in the store.

    7)Collapse of finger clicking exhaustion.

    So what you got planned???
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    Hunt for the bogling items I requested and that were already added to the minion boxes :-)

    I would gladly add a morph to your cantina, I might have to build it on EU though and pass you the set if that's ok
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    As you would imagine - with over 700 new items i will begin updating the Museum of Dimension Items. I started clearing space today, and I am going to add a 4th wing. Magitech and related items will now have their own wing, to make room in the main Dim for all the new structural pieces. I am going to need a lot of space since I try to place them at default size, and there are many very large items.
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    I will check PVP a bit. And if things are really as bad for Cleric as I found out on the PTS, then I will play World of Tanks until it is fixed.

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    Default Reworked Dim

    "A Fae Hide-Away" by Getchasome@Greybriar is reworked and open with items from 4.1

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