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Thread: Chapter two has just begun

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    Default Chapter two has just begun

    For three years viewers have shared liked added faved many of my Rift dimension videos even some of the devs , hats off to everyone even those who wish not to speek to me . In many ways I don't regret being me I just wish I gave some of you boxing gloves to deal with me , I'm sorry won't cover the hole I made yet it's a start , I learned a hard lesson one being once you have trust don't throw it away ,...it's not worth it. The big one was trusting in someone else and going against my norms as a human I can say I have to stop and think of others more . I was told once that no one would sit through a Rift movie of 3 hours or more, well tricks on everyone and I will explain and yes a few of you even caught on and even called me out on it lol,... all my Rift videos from Harvest Fest Carnival to the one posted now are 5 min snips of a movie some of the titles gave this away even the changing of my dimension names to in game player names many of you played a part with out knowing and I can't say ty you enough . Coming soon along with a video that should of been public three years ago as short mini film called Fixar Legend of the Lamp. I want to give a big ty to those who pushed me trolled me said I was crazy and lastly the one rumor that I'm a nice person I just want to #bear hug you hehe, all in all ty you everyone for three years going on four .

    And to anyone who says you can't , shouldn't, or impossable, come see me I'll make your head spin with out tool - box lol.

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    It has been Fun most of all a learning experience that i am sure will never end .
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    Not too sure what the meaning in the text was....But I enjoyed the video. Good job!!
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