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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: 4.1 Dimension Compendium (SPOILERS)

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    Default 4.1 Dimension Compendium (SPOILERS)

    Heya, I normally don't post articles here, but this time, I made an exception to do a shameless plug.

    I've tried to compile as many of the items and means to acquire as possible for 4.1, so this is a bit of a long read:

    4.1 Dimension Compendium

    Disclaimer: Everything on the PTS is subject to change, and any mistakes are entirely my own.

    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    Thank you for taking time to make the post! <3

    So excited for all the new stuff, 4.1 will be like Christmas:D Even had to put one of the WIPs on hold because of all the things I absolutely have to add in there.

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    A fantastic write-up. Thank you.
    An Interested Observer

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    Love the new candles and potion bottles!
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    Archlight rider mount dim item? For real????? Now my plushies can save the world in style!!
    Korvac the conquerer.

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