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Thread: It's new, it's red. It's very RED. Come visit.

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    Default It's new, it's red. It's very RED. Come visit.

    So I've finally poked my head out from inside the obsessive building mode I've been in and oooo... contests and anniversary mounts and all sorts of stuff going on. Really must remember to interact with the world more frequently. Nevertheless, all this cloistering of self has resulted in my new dim. Finished finally. The Big Red House on Zaviel is open for visitors. Come and visit. It's really quite red. Have I said that already?

    Tinderal on Zaviel - dimensions: Kaleidoscope Art Gallery, The Greenhouse, The Playroom, Queen's Gambit, The Lighthouse, 'Twas the night before Xmas, Down, Deeper and Down, Park Life and The Big Red House

    And because you can never have too much colour - www.amandahone.com

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    I can confirm the redness ;-)

    Since I already talked to you when you showed me your dimension you know what I liked about it So I'm just replying here to recommend a visit to anyone, especially if you like modern builds!
    Alliandre - Brutwacht
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    Guess I will spend some time on the EU shards, when I log into Rift! Can't wait to check out your Big RED House, Tinderal!

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    So much red haha >< I was really confused at first. Normal rift graphics then this lego house just popping out of nowhere!

    At first I thought, ouch on the eyes, but once you have a look around you admire the fun of it. Clearly a lot of time spent on the finer details, was very impressed.
    Fwob - Defiant Bloodiron

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    Default +1

    This dimension is so brilliant! You dare to play with primary colors..respect! And everything is just perfect in balance. Really like it! And yes this house is like real red!
    Thank you Tinderal for sharing this dimension!!! <3

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