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Thread: Looking for advice on how to build fireplace from scratch

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    Default Looking for advice on how to build fireplace from scratch

    Good Morning!

    I have a mossy hut that sorely needs a fireplace, mantle and grate (decorate front piece)

    What do you think would be an attractive stone type? Mossy brick is cheap enough
    so I'm trying that for now. But would love to hear from others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamalji View Post

    I have a mossy hut that sorely needs a fireplace, mantle and grate... But would love to hear from others.
    You might have more luck in DimensionAddictcs@Deepwood (or @ Zaviel) chat channels. You will be invited to see what others have done.

    or try http://www.dimensiontouring.com/ or http://www.dimensiongallery.com/

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    It really depends on which style you wish to create - it can be a simple fireplace made of just building blocks, or something elegant morphed from other dimension items. It also depends very much on how low/high item count you wish to keep for your fireplace.

    Besides dimension channels in game, you can also look at custom sets made by other players and listed on DimensionAddicts. While all the sets there are shared and have the authors' permission to be copied, it's always best to use them as an inspiration to create your own unique set, whether it's something simple or something more fancy :)

    I also recommend not to limit yourself with just one item when looking for inspiration. Sometimes you're looking for ideas to make a fancy window and end up getting a new idea just by looking at how other people morph furniture :) DimensionGallery has a Directory section to help you find builds by type, so if you have something specific in mind, it helps narrow the search.

    Last but definitely not least, DTC is always incredibly helpful with both ideas and tips on how to make it happen, since it has articles written by very talented and passionate builders for their fellow dimensionerds:)

    Good luck!
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