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Thread: Request : item dimension library

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    Default Request : item dimension library


    I have 2 guilds with 5 bank slots with item dimension..i dont have more space..is there a chance trion release a item dimension library like wardrobe? Please!

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    You can also fill up dimensions with the items. That'd probably be cheaper too. Then you can just use the item list to search for what you want and pick it up.
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    This idea has actually been suggested a long time ago, but no ETA on it or if it's even going to happen, unfortunately.
    Also Dimension specific bags have been suggested, but - again - no updates on whether they're going to be in game anytime.

    For now, the best way to do it is what Artewig suggested - make dimension storages.

    If you're a builder, it's easier to make a "storage" toon (can even be a lvl 1 for that purpose) with as many dimension keys as you like. You get two slots for free and - depending on your loyalty tier - some free keys you can use for storages. Add more if you need.

    Upgrading pretty much any key to tier4 isn't expensive and it gives you a decent item limit. It's also nice to have separate dimensions for specific items (i.e. furniture, greenery, building modules and buildings, etc). Note that stacking items that you have in bunches are better stored in a bank vault instead of a dimension (it saves a lot of item space). Also don't forget Soulbound items can only be stored in your personal dimension (not the alt's) or a bank, and BoA items such as trophies can only be dropped off in their owner's dimension or a bank (so if your main owns a BoA trophy item, you cannot drop it off in your alt's dimension, only your alt can do it).

    All your toons within the same shard have permissions to drop off and pick up items from each other's dimensions unless it's a SB or BoA item.

    Hope that helps. Happy building!
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