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Thread: New Discoveries Dim

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    Default New Discoveries Dim

    Special thanks to Tawsuoko and Bellarosa for the lift & the skeletal hand.

    There's alot of things going on here. First of all, we all know that spiders are from outer space. That's why they're so hideous. Because of this, they have the ability to change the environment. They're also very lethal, especially if you're a barhgest. Here, we have a family of three studying their terraforming ability, & to see if there is any medicinal use for their toxins. The green spiders are the master minds behind the sinister plot to take over the world. While our researchers are busy, your mission...should you choose to accept it...is to make some discoveries of your own while the spiders run loose & do what they do best. There is a scorpion bridge, Trenton taking a shower after playing ball with his pet spider, spiders riding flying serpents, a spider holding the portal open at the crash site so the rest can come through, one at the main controls for terraforming, & one even smoking a cigarette while he enjoys laughing at the instruction manual. Hopefully the
    supply drop will include a manual for US on how to close their portal. O.O

    The spiders crash landed on that side of the island, so why is this side of the island changing, you might ask? I don't know. That's part of what we're here to discover. The local govt. sent a memo with clues & suggestions, but our people have misplaced it.

    This Dim is about making new discoveries. Just about anyone can relate to making new discoveries on any level. Whether it's mentally, physically, metaphysically, scientifically, spiritually, technological, medicinal, experimental...The whole Dim is about making a new discovery of some kind. Exploration & knowing when to relax are key in any situation, & I hope you find both here.

    Just some thoughts behind the Dim::: The movie Medicine Man with Sean Connery has always been a fav of mine. Who doesn't envy that life, right? Tomb Raider & the Myst games are what I got started on, & I love them still. Star Treks & SG1. I like O'Neill, but Daniel Jackson is prob the one I'd relate to more there. Splinter Cell/Red Faction/Deus Ex, which is why I put that sniper over there to take out the scientists who are trying to save the world. Lol jk. I really am a fan of those games though. And at the root of it all... I'm a bit of an arachnophobe. To me, they have great powers & deserve a planet of their very own. No lie. The irony then is funny, because here I'am scared to death of spiders, but you tend to see them all over "new discoveries". Figuratively & literally, game wise & real world.

    Keeping all of that in mind, I made this Dim mainly about a family of 3 who are medical entomologists & botanists. I'd love it if you'd stop by & visit. Explore, & make a discovery of your own.

    There are hidey-holes & escape routes that will take up or down, left or right. There are also 6 artifacts & 1 lost memo for you to find hidden throughout. Hint: the memo is not hanging up behind the Re-atomizer (entry point). Those are the instructions on how to make sure you end up with all of your atoms on the other side. ;)

    New Discoveries by Elleeander on Wolfsbane
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    NEW DISCOVERIES (9/2015) on Greybriar by Elleeander

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    I just saw your dim! It's amazing. I like all of the things you did with the hidden caves. The lost memo idea & the story with it is neat. The spiders riding flying snakes is funny. I couldn't stop laughing at the tree. And the aquariums!! I felt like I got a good workout. Lol. I like how there's more than one way to get somewhere. Makes the dim feel bigger than it is. Good going. ;) Oh, & I like the blast from the past with Qbert, & that other game looks familiar but I don't know the name.

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