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Thread: Pets of Rift Dimension Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maegwynn View Post
    Congratulations to all the winners :-) and thanks!

    As soon as I know the name of my char on your shard I'll send you a forum pm :-)

    Edit: greybriar, correct?
    Yup! Its Coldsprite@Greybriar!

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    Wow! Thank you so much for hosting this contest! I learned a lot about morphing (and patience) and I think it gave me the push I needed because I've already started building little animals for my next dims. I'm really excited thank you!!

    Everyone made such amazing dimensions. I'm glad I got to tour and meet everyone's furry pals. Life is so much better with pets <3

    I'm so glad everyone got a prize, that was really wonderful of you. Big hugs to everybody
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    Congratulations everyone!
    You all totally deserved a prize, at least in my opinion the level of this contest was pretty high.

    Although I'm still not quite sure what's up with that pet rock, but it's adorable too!
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    I toured all the entries yesterday and I am blown away by all your amazing morph abilities and creativeness! Amazing dims and pets, all of them!!

    (Well, ok, I don't think I've ever heard of a cube pet hahaha, but it was creative, I say that )

    Well done all!!

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