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Thread: The Long Dark

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    Default The Long Dark

    The Long Dark-tld1.jpg

    I don't know if anyone else here plays The Long Dark, but I'm a huge fan. I just love the atmosphere of that game.

    So, after I got the Subzero key during the winter festival I decided to try to recreate a little slice of The Long Dark in a dim. This turned out to be a gigantic stretch for me. Not only are the trees, rocks, ice, snow and everything else radically different in Rift, it was also my first time doing anything other than decorating a small pre-built house. Lots of on the-job-training to figure this out (thanks Rhynor).

    After a couple months of messing up and fixing stuff, it's finally ready for visitors.

    Dim: 'The Long Dark'
    By: Ssand@Faeblight

    I hope you enjoy it!

    The Long Dark-tld-4.jpg

    The Long Dark-cave.jpg

    The Long Dark-tld2.jpg
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    Really love this dimension! I never play'd The long Dark but i get the idea..i think. Brilliant job on landscape! The little detail's ..perfect! Love the little fire place(dont know what that call'd in English). The lightning is great! Cant say anything i don't like about it!
    Just that +1 can be +10 from me

    Thank you for sharing this dimension!!!

    p.s. i saw thrible table floating ...i will dont tell anyone ..but i think you need to get it out

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    Thanks Lovey, this means a lot from you since I admire your dimensions so much!

    I'm glad someone got it. I think not many folks play with terraforming -- Rift does not make it easy! Possibly it looks like an empty-ish Subzero at first, at least for folks who don't know it's just a big empty ice skating rink.

    And thanks for the table alert. I always forget to put in back in my inventory before I teleport out. Doh!


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