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Thread: ~Summerfest Ideas~

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    Default ~Summerfest Ideas~

    Many festivals are prepared in advanced. Most of the time by the time we think about what would be fun or cool for that holiday it is already done with development. So I wanted to start a thread for ideas. Weather they are clothes dim items quests ect. Just a mash up thread. Carnival should be done so the next holiday would be summerfest. The reason I placed it in dimension forums is because most ideas I think of are dimension ideas.

    ~Dimension Items~

    Guardian Beach Ball
    Guardian Beach Ball (Floating)
    Defiant Beach Ball
    Defiant Beach Ball (Floating)
    Inner Tube
    Inner Tube (Floating)
    Float Toys
    Float Toys (Floating)
    (The reason for both kinds are the stationary looks weird in water and the floating wont work in a bedroom or sand box)
    Duckling NPC ( Swimming) (Stationary) (Waddling)
    Duck NPC ( Swimming) (Stationary) (Waddling)
    Purpley Brown Deer NPC (since the red one is from a charity event}
    Bunny white, black, spotted ( since the brown is from a charity event)
    Any of the Fae Yule critter NPCs without the hat
    Dragonfly Lilies http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/1681 Without the dragonfly's just the plant

    Sandals (I know there is some tech that has been stopping us from getting them. Added anyway because they will be asked for)
    Ribbon Sandals http://imgur.com/aDFHrv4 Not sure if those would work better could have the upper half added with undies or something maybe with tights if the feet skin color is a issue.
    Floppy Hat with hair hanging down
    Baseball cap with buzz cut hair hanging out
    Baseball Cap with pony tail
    Tube toy around your middle outfit

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    I just read that the team is looking at Summerfest stuff. Wanted to add to this post

    Fireflies we need lightning bugs. Flashing blinking crazy goodness.
    Ladybugs stationary or wing flapping. to place in our gardens.

    We did get ribbon sandals this past year. I LOVE mine
    We also got the dragonfly lillys without the dragonflies.
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