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Thread: Basic problems of Rift dimensions

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    Default Basic problems of Rift dimensions

    I made a list of some really basic problems most dimension builders should know
    and some suggestions for solutions.

    Dimension entry
    It's nice to have a custom entry point, but it's really annoying that it can't be
    placed where ever one wants it to be, because of the loading process of objects.

    The solution here is easy: Just make the enty point solid!
    We can't enter a dim, before the entry point has loaded, and if it's solid,
    we can't fall through what ever object is below, no matter if it has allready been loaded or not.

    Object Distance
    The draw distance for objects is horribly low, we can't design any larger open places because objects
    (specially large ones!) popping out of nowhere ruin the feeling in a dimension.

    I don't know how much the engine can achieve, but I remember that a few years ago it was
    possible to set the draw distance to 220 directly in the config file.
    If that's the total maximum, than give us at least that. It's still way to low, but better
    than the 180 we have right now it would be!

    Daylight everywhere
    I love the daylight in the open world (dimension) and it's totally ok in a building with
    windows. But if you have no windows, or, in my case, a cave with no connection to the sky
    at all, daylight is absolutely annoying. By night it's better, but a fixed time of day is no
    sollution for people like me, who like to create a living part of the world (and love the sunshine on the outside),
    not an accessible painting. Also nightlight is still not really good for closed buildings.

    A great solution would be an invisible gate, with a dark and a light side in costruction mode,
    which switches the client's time of day to "Time Of Day: Indoor" when crossing from the light
    side and back to normal in the other direction.
    "Time Of Day: Indoor" should be darker than night (not totally dark) and with no single lightsource
    which generates shadows.

    The items limit
    I know, Rift was not made for dimensions and, when dimensions came, maybe noone expected us
    to get so much into it, but for me and I think much of us, the item count is way to low.

    Please give us the possibility to increase the limit over the actual numbers, I bet many of us
    would be happy to pay for more items in their dimensions.

    Public dimensions list
    The list of public dimensions is totally useless, as it is right now. There should be a better way to
    sort dimensions, like in the guild finder.

    A suggestion would be to sort by style: Rift, (random)Fantasy, Modern...
    Also a mark if there are artifacts in the dim would be usefull. And the possibillity for a short
    discription of the dimension.
    This would be helpfull for everyone, who likes to visit dimensions, to decide, which could be
    interresting and which not.

    Please discuss,
    Nivv@Brutwacht - Resident of Nivvlheim

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    These are all great points, I second most of them, but the last two are bit tricky IMO.

    1. Item Limit -

    yes I agree sometimes we do need more than those 1k-2k (and even 2.5k) items in a dim. But here's the thing: I've seen plenty of guild dimensions (those with higher item count) where the builders not only use the whole item count but also add a ton of vfx/objects with vfx. Some people just love making it all blinking and shining and flickering etc. And it's absolutely fine except that if you have a medium or low end setup, you'll end up either crashing or not seeing the half of it (been there done that). I often avoid guild dimensions for that particular reason unless I know the builder(s) and their style preferences (for example, we have a couple builders on Laethys with incredibly elegant building style which I know for sure will not include dozens of blinking lights that would make my eyes bleed and my PC crash). So unless only a selected number of dims (ideally only new ones) would have a 3-4k item limit, I'd really prefer it to stay the way it is now - I'd rather deal with the challenge of building under a certain limit than crossing fingers that the dim won't kill my laptop/PC upon loading into an area stuffed with 4k items. Alternatively, just increase the base item limit of the 'old' dims by a small amount to make it a bit easier for the builders but not critically high.

    2. The Public list -

    there's been a lot of discussion about it lately, and it's pretty clear that the +1 system should either be reset or removed completely (to be replaced with, say, visit counter or something like that). I don't think a description is a good idea to be honest (potential abuse/misleading etc), but a way to 'check' a style/theme box from the selected options would be really nice, especially if it includes things like sort by PVP dims, puzzles, storages etc (and make the Random button work within one category as well as the whole list). I'd also appreciate if the Random button excluded dimensions under a certain item count to get rid of all the empty dims and starter dims with starter items inside.

    I would also like to add my own "basic problem" and it's the ambient sounds in some dimensions. I know that many people actually use dims like Vengeful Sky for the ambient sounds and clashing rocks in the sky, but I also know for sure some people would prefer if there were no sounds at all. Personally I love VS and I'd definitely build a lot more in it if it wasn't for those terrible sounds (which I know can be eliminated by muting ambients in the settings but that's not an option since you can't tell all your visitors to do the same). Now I know music boxes aren't designed to mute out all the other sounds of the dim (and in most dims, I really don't mind the sounds at all!) but if we have weather blockers and snow spheres, why not make a sound blocker too, I mean unless it's technically impossible it would make a great QoL item.
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    There are some good points. I know the engineers are super busy atm but I would like to comment on it to. I personally have accepted most of these issues knowing that the tech is always harder then we think. If it was possible I would love to see some of these change.

    1~ Dimension Entry~ I have learned to work around and place mine on the ground. However when touring I do get frustrated when I fall through a build. Not sure if just making it solid would work because every object we are supposed to come land on is solid just hasn't rendered so what would stop us from still falling if it was solid. Though great idea

    2~Object Distance~ This drives me bat poop crazy even though I build in a small space sometimes it is still super hard to see even just across the yard. My fav dim to build in is one of those with horrible draw distance. This would be my number one problem

    3~Day Light Everywhere~ I can not comment on this since I don't build large buildings I have never experienced it

    4~Item limit I will ALWAYS champion for more count in all dims current and future. I know why we don't have more. Was hoping with all the new Rift back end improvements that we could have conned them into a 2 k increase in all dims (except guild dims I think they are at a bursting point) I will always be the first to say please but being ok when they can not do it.

    5~Public Dimensions List~ I love the idea of a guild finder type of list. Would even allow us to write a small blurb about the dim. Not sure if the tech would work for dims but a very cool idea

    6~Ambient Sounds~ I totally agree. Things like birds chirping on a bird npc I like but the grunting of the dancers I think they are about to poop.

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    FWIW, the entry point IS solid, it is just like an invisible tile. It even scales to 20...
    But as Kitasia said, just like all the other objects that are supposed to be solid, that doesn't help. Loading placement information != loading rendring information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynx3d View Post
    Loading placement information != loading rendring information.
    Never thought it could be so bad. I know the code was not made for dimensions, but bringing this feature with a totally random loading process, without any adaptations, is, sorry Trion, just embarrassing bad work.
    It should be possible to bring in some kind of sequence, and if it's just "allways entry point first!".
    Nivv@Brutwacht - Resident of Nivvlheim

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