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Thread: Weird artifacting in Deepwood Cottage basement

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    Default Weird artifacting in Deepwood Cottage basement

    Hey guys,

    I am currently finishing up my deepwood cottage dimension and have some weird lighting issues.

    If I put any lighting (standing torch, hanging lantern, large cool light, etc.) in the basement I get weird blocky artifacting when I move my camera angle.

    It happens on my desktop (AMD card), Laptop (nVidia card) as well as guildmates see it as well.

    Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, found a way to correct it?

    I don't want to leave no lighting down there as it's too dark.

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    Yea I do get these blocky artifacts too. The worst place I've seen them is Hammerknell btw, in some places you can get quite funky color block animations...

    I don't really have a clue what causes it, but no game engine is perfect...just like chunks of the landscape disappearing at certain tricky camera angles, because the culling algorithm figures it should be occluded while it's not quite yet.
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