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Thread: Ok, Tacitus, how about whetting the dimmers whistle.

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    Default Ok, Tacitus, how about whetting the dimmers whistle.

    So Gingers has added and replied to many topics on the general forums with upcoming raids, and dungeons, eternal weapons or whatever....So....

    Give us bread crumbs?? You know we love ya!!

    Add good dim stuff here ..................>
    Korvac the conquerer.

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    *prays for Messenger of the Vigil dimension NPC*
    *prays for increased limit on dimension NPCs*
    *prays for Port Scion sans icky death stuff as a dimension key*

    Come on, Tacitus, make this happen. In exchange, I offer you this:

    Ok, Tacitus, how about whetting the dimmers whistle.-2014-10-18_20-37-12_149.jpg

    (That, by the way, is a Tupperware of my Ghirardelli, Godiva, and creme de cacao brownies. I will send you one Tupperware of brownies in exchange for the aforementioned dimension additions. I would even go so high as two.)

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    I'm here for the brownies
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    General of Telara
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    Well, I did find this on another thread. Scroll down to see datamining of new dim items. Its pretty cryptic, so its a guessing game at this point.

    Korvac the conquerer.

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    What we know so far is that there will be an Alittu Mystery Box that includes items from the Alittu area. It will also include a rare chance to drop an Alittu dimension key.

    There will also be new building block textures from the Alittu area, we haven't seen these yet on the PTS.

    There are supposed to be new Minion dimension stashes coming that include exclusive new items to those new stashes. Also, building blocks (the one's that were added last year) are making their way into the new stashes but not sure which building blocks or what the new items are yet.

    I believe there may be some other odds and ends that Tacitus is going to add, but this is just my own speculation.

    I am curious if we will receive new dimension keys with 4.1 or if they are coming at a later date? Last we heard about keys was in Tacitus interview, he said they were working on them.

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