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Thread: Harvest Meadow!

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    Red face Harvest Meadow!

    I was so in love when this Harvest Meadow dimension came out. One place I really worked hard on with the help of a few things from Dimensionaddicts. I was told to post this from a few people and was always afraid to but well I'm proud of it so why not?! I have different cabins with 3 different styles. If you see me on come check it out.
    (A few pictures of different areas)
    Owner: ikiaa
    Shard: Faeblight
    Dimension: Forest Cabins - Harvest Meadow

    Harvest Meadow!-2017-01-17_173500.jpgHarvest Meadow!-2017-01-17_173420.jpgHarvest Meadow!-2017-01-17_173624.jpgHarvest Meadow!-2017-01-17_173818.jpgHarvest Meadow!-2017-01-17_174209.jpg
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