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Thread: New Year, New You!

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    Default New Year, New You!

    Lately I have read statements, both in dimension addicts chat channel and on forums, that have been a long the lines of:
    "After seeing your dimension/build, I feel mine isn't very good/good enough."
    and to this I want to say STOP THAT!

    Stop undermining/cutting down/depreciating yourself!!! I can say from personal experience that being on the receiving end of this type of comments is NOT joyful. I am working to the best of my ability to create something that comes from my heart. My goal is to build something that brings happiness not only to me but also to others. And if my dimension is making feel bad about your own... then I did not achieve my goal.

    So rather than saying those god awful words, say something self-constructive. What I mean by that is:

    Take the time to really look around and think about what it is you like about their build.

    For example, maybe the color play in their dimension is something you haven't given a lot of thought about and you like how they did it. Make a mental note to yourself (or a note on a notepad) and then say to them "I really like the colors you used in the dimension." That kind of compliment will make the builder happy that you took the time to actually look at the details. It will also make you happier because it will help you out too!

    Now be proactive. If you really think that you need to improve your skills, here are some of the best things that you can do:

    Tour, tour, tour, and tour some more. If somebody is advertising that they finished a build, ask for an invite/ go visit it. Maybe, check out the dimensions that earned the most likes this week on your shard. Visit other shards and do the same.

    Again, look at how they used the pieces, think about the theme they created, think about what it is about the build is that makes you happy.

    While it is not as good as seeing dimensions in person, a number of blogs such as The Dimension Touring Company and Dimension Gallery offer a glimpse into new and old dimensions alike.

    Plan and BUILD
    I find that some of the best and most enjoyable dimensions have a theme. Try to think outside of the box! Rather than just making a house, make a house for a wizard/ bogling/ newbaby/ whateverdescriptionyouwant! I also feel a lot stronger about my own dimensions if they have a theme. It gives me a focus, it allows me to develop more ideas to make my dimension better.

    I will use my latest dimension Percy's Duckpond to illustrate this.
    At first I wanted to build a dimension for my favorite ducky companion, Percy Quackerton. I went through my keys and explored through all the ones that have water, with the goal of finding a dim that would allow me to swim in it, and would give me enough space to create what I wanted.

    After selecting Moonriven Breach, I started building. The question that I kept in mind was, "If this was a dim for Percy, what would he like?" I also asked, "If somebody stopped by here, what might make this place more fun?" As I built I thought about ways to make things more item efficient, what was really important in each section, and what made me happy.

    Build again!
    Again and again and again and again! Keep building try new things. Try to challenge yourself in different ways each time you build. Try to make a different styled kitchen area. Reinvent your garden. Make a different animal morph. Try to build something you might not normally build.

    With each build you complete, you will learn new things and improve your skills. I can say from personal experience that the builds I'm doing now are much more advanced than what i started with, but I have been building since dimensions came out what was that 4 years ago (can't even remember ) How do you think the "experts" got there?

    With each build you complete, think about what it is you built that you really enjoyed, think about how much you have grown!

    On the other side of this, I can't tell you how much joy it is to watch newcomers start off with their first build and progressively get better and better.

    Be resourceful!
    If you are in the dimensions section of the forums and look up at the top of the first page, you should see a chain link under sub forums and next to it dimension guides. Take a look through that to get some ideas.

    Not sure about where an item is available? check out Dimensionaddicts.com

    Addons: currently the best addon for dimension building is Tinker Tools by Lynx3d
    Need help using Tinker Tools? Check out the tinkertools guide on The Dimension Touring Company

    Well if you are reading this you are in the right community! Ask others for help/input, if you need it. Most people would be glad to help you out in anyway possible.

    To conclude, I hope you start off this new year with a vote of confidence in yourself!


    ps, if you feel somebody needs to read this.... feel free to share http://tinyurl.com/proactivedimbuilder
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    I have contemplated these same issues for quite some time Sparklynn. I've had in mind to write a blog post on it and well, why not today! I've posted my experience and opinions here:Finding Inspiration For Your Dimension Builds

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparklynn View Post
    My goal is to build something that brings happiness not only to me but also to others. And if my dimension is making feel bad about your own... then I did not achieve my goal.
    While I personally think your goal is admirable, I think it is important to remember that if someone is not happy with your dimension that is not your fault, or because of anything you've done. It is how that person perceives things, it's out of your control. I hope you will continue to build to make yourself happy, and in turn people who appreciate you for you, will find you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nouvae View Post
    I have contemplated these same issues for quite some time Sparklynn. I've had in mind to write a blog post on it and well, why not today! I've posted my experience and opinions here:Finding Inspiration For Your Dimension Builds
    Thank you very much, Nouvae, for sharing this here I'm glad you took the time to work out your ideas and write a really nice post! Many of the tips you wrote I've been doing myself. A good playlist really helps me out.


    I really liked Tip #9. One of the reasons I love touring is because it is so amazing to see how other people use items. It reminds us to rotate and resize items in different ways to reinvision how they might be used. However, when you are touring, you are looking at their ideas. When you are building, you should be using YOUR own ideas. Personally, I like it best when people create their own, new takes on things to match with the build they are currently working on.

    Honestly, I've never toured other dimensions with a specific theme on my mind. Like Nouvae, I might look at images online. However, it is not a good idea to build something just because you saw an amazing dimension on that theme. You will probably end up comparing what you created to that dimension and then if it doesn't match it in quality you may end up beating yourself up, or worse the builder of that dimension. If you coincidentally stumble upon a dimension on the same theme, you should not allow negative thoughts to eat at you. Acknowledge that you are at a different point in the learning curve, and keep yourself on course. I think all builders will agree, you should NEVER build dimensions verbatim. It needs to come from your own heart; and when it does, it will shine through.

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    Wise words Ladies!

    I would also like to add that this is one of the reasons why I like to read Nouvae's interviews with the dimension builders. It is very enlightening to hear what inspires people, what drives their creativity and also, what words of advice they can give the community.

    The thing about dimension is that they are a piece of creative art. When you tour a museum, some pieces/pictures etc. will speak to you, others won't, so beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes.

    I think, people create (paint, write, etc.), because it makes them happy, because they need an outlet for their creativity. Creating dimensions should first and foremost please the builder.

    Before I start a build, I usually have a theme in mind. Once I know what I want to build, everything usually falls into place. I truly enjoy the creative process and get a huge sense of achievement/satisfaction when I finish a build and it turns out just as I had pictured it.

    I tour a lot, and I mean A LOT, I have a lvl 10 or higher on every shard (EU included lol). It is so refreshing to see all these amazing and inspiring dimensions. I often look at something and think, that's a great idea or how did they do that? Or I think, hmm I wonder if I can achieve a similar effect, but using totally different items? And then I experiment with various items until I create something I like.

    TL DR

    1. Have Fun!
    2. Tour other dimensions
    3. Have Fun!
    4. Have a theme in mind for your build
    5. Have Fun!
    6. Experiment
    7. Did I mention to have fun?
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