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Thread: New Dim Faeblight: Zea`Lynn the Emerald Feend

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    Rift Disciple bridgestew's Avatar
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    Jul 2013

    Default New Dim Faeblight: Zea`Lynn the Emerald Feend

    This sparkle breathing dragon is the dim monster who keeps us up at night. She'll kill you with kindness. Because, you know, a girl's gotta eat.

    She considers herself to be very fancy. She has impeccable taste, as evidenced by her towering dimension in the background. Her companion, Lyniva Marnou, spurs her on to greatness by spouting words of encouragement, as that is her specialty.

    When I asked Zea`Lynn why her tail had 3 prongs to it, she said, "More appendages make for more efficient building, of course!"

    Zea`Lynn the Emerald Feend is dimension addiction personified.

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    Rift Disciple Zeamage's Avatar
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    Nov 2015


    Just love it ofc and from now on, when ever im in a bad mood, all i need to do is play the Holly Dolly song and go visit ZeaŽLynn.
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    Lol, love it. That freaking tutu...

    I hope you have stocked up on throat guards. Just sayin'.
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    Prophet of Telara
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    Mar 2015


    I love it :-) your monster made me laugh, and I'll return often to have a smile, especially on bad days

    *gets a training dummy for karate punches*
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    She's cute! Love her pink tutu, and that staff, pink-tastic sparkle power!

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    Plane Touched devanita's Avatar
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    She's awesome! I love her fabulous fashion sense and all that sparkling sass!

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    General of Telara
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    Lol only after seeing who replied I get the naming...this is awesome.
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