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Thread: Torture Chamber On Wolfsbane

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    Default Torture Chamber On Wolfsbane

    Hi ya'll! I could have sworn I mentioned this dimension already in the forums when I first made it, but I guess I didn't. Someone mentioned to me a few days ago that they didn't see it here, & someone else was interested in checking it out earlier today. Thanks to them, I remembered that I still need to re-work it. I'm kind of slow at these things. Just ask Diva. She suggested to me about a yr ago that I do more with it. I know some of you have already seen it, but before I dive back in there & fiddle with it, I thought I'd mention it here, & give more ppl a chance to see it first. When I have it done, I'll just update this thread with the mention, if that's ok. Any suggestions or ideas for the re-work would be greatly appreciated. I should prob have brought this up in the Dim chat, but I go afk often. I'm also an avid alt switcher, & might miss something said.

    Torture Chamber on Wolfsbane
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    nicel done, especially since it's an "older" dimension :-) can't wait to see the rework, some parts of it already gave me the creeps (the crib, the disected doll in the cage...)

    So I'd love to see the update
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    Beautiful torture room, but a bit too clean to me. Some viscera, blood stains and other linens soiled floor, bring a little more realism to the whole. I come back to see the update.

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    "lovely" dimension is it wrong that the body stuck to the saw made me laugh??? The keep elevator is a fun idea, made me scared to get squashed
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