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Thread: Elevators and boundaries

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    Default Elevators and boundaries

    Are there any dimensions where an elevator does not take you outside the boundaries?

    I've only tested a few but if I jump off the elevator at the top, I'm on top of a force field and can't always get back down. Sometimes I can jump back on the elevator and get back down that way but not always.

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    As far as I know, Dormant core boundary is set very high, at least you definitely won't reach the green bubble if you place one elevator at the entry point and then another one "on top" of the 1st one's destination point. Haven't checked other dims really.

    Keep in mind that different elevators have different heights so while one might take you to the top of the green bubble another one will hardly get you half way there.
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    None of the elevators will take you past the top in Stoneflask Tavern, but some, like the loggers will go past the top on many dimensions if you place it on an elevated point, like a hill or a structure you've built.
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