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Thread: Dimension Key Suggestion

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    Default Dimension Key Suggestion

    Byriel's Division
    Location: Border of Freemarch + Droughtlands
    Dimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_024447.jpg

    Here are some images:

    Dimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_024055.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_024050.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_024151.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_025403.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_025433.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_023723.jpgDimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_023820.jpg

    Item Limit: 1520 - 2000
    Borders: Definitely must include both waterfalls, would be good if it extended a little ways up/down the river as well.

    Something to Note, the Infinity Gate might need to be removed from the background of the dimension. Its cool, but it is constantly casting moving shadows over the area.
    Dimension Key Suggestion-2016-06-26_024208.jpg

    I happened to come across this spot by chance, and when I saw it my inner dimensionerd made me post this. Its a really cute spot and I personally would love to decorate this as a dimension!

    What do you all think? Thx and have a good day everyone

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    I personally am always happy to see new keys with actual water; besides, I always loved this particular area. It's probably too late now to ask it for Summerfest but I'd love to see it as a dimension key at any time:) Perhaps the next Affinity key, hm?;)
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    If it's for affinity it'll probably be 1000 or 1200 max :-D

    But nice suggestion, I'd love to have something with a lot of water (or just an anywhere just made of water, sigh)
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