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Thread: NPCs show off fashion skills in dimensions

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    Default NPCs show off fashion skills in dimensions

    If you've met my toon in game, you probably know by now that I'm a fierce lover of the wardrobe features... I love to gear up to match what I'm building, visiting, and questing. I would love to share my passion for fashion with the npcs in my dimension...

    For instance on my yule train instead of seeing guards in their usual attire (note the defiant guard chick freezing her t1ts off) maybe wearing those nice festive fae yule relever's tunic and cap. or maybe the gear from earning faction with iron pine.

    so maybe it could be a new npc wearing just the pesant clothes. we'll call it the NPC MODEL

    it could cost credits to unlock this feature PER NPC MODEL
    -so you don't have to if you don't want to~ they'll just wear what they usually wear otherwise
    -please be price reasonable
    -the NPC MODEL would be bound to account

    and then once the feature is unlocked it could have a special way to click on the item when in bags to access the feature. It would work very similarly to wardrobes for your toons. but the NPC MODEL wardrobe would be accessible from all toons on the same account and be able to wear any graphics the toons on your account have unlocked. also please let them have an added button in the wardrobe to turn on/off weapon graphics

    I know its a lot to ask for but it would be truly a dimensioneer's dream come true!
    please please please!
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