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Thread: Trading White Flagstone Facade x8

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    Default Trading White Flagstone Facade x8

    To anyone who likes to use these cool flooring items together I have 8 I am willing to trade all at once or together. As I know being able to purchase several at once is more useful with this type of item.

    If anyone is interested I am looking for the following items:

    ***Will Trade 1 for 1***
    Towering Monument
    Kelari Open Tower
    Laughing Tree
    Mathosian Fountain
    Shimmersand Bridge
    Wood & Stone Bridge (Will give 2 facades for this bridge)

    ***Will take any 3 of these items for 2 facades***
    Lava Pillar
    Foundry Fan

    ***Will take any 2 of these items for 1 facade***
    Shimmersand Roosting Rock
    Canopy Domes

    ***Will take any 3 of these items for 1 facade***
    Sloped/Cleaved/Broad Spire of Dusken Rocks
    Small Stone Shrines

    Would also trade all 8 for 3 Large Flagstone Facades. Could make a profit merching if you took this option as they tend to sale for the same price.

    Also would trade all 8 for 1 elegant brevane pillar.

    I am open to combinations of these items I need and will work with you if you want to get all 8.

    You can message me in game "dimensions@faeblight"
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