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Thread: 13th Train station of the TRR: Gare de l'alcool

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    Default 13th Train station of the TRR: Gare de l'alcool

    The 13th train station of the Telara Rail Road is now open for travelers.

    The original idea was to create an underground station because of the necessity to pass under the montain at the south of Ascendia. But i had no idea of what theme i could use for an underground station. Fortunatly, at this time, the contest http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...beer-wall.html begun and the idea of the "Gare de l'alcool" begun with a joke on Brisesol's dimensions chat. Why not create a train station with alcohol everywhere?
    And finally the joke became a real dimension.

    Located in Mathosia, this station is a place where alcohol is everywhere. (The Name "Gare de l'alcool" means "Alcohol station" in english)

    New mathosia map to locate the station:

    At the center of the dimension, you can find alcohol alley

    With 6 alcohol fontains.

    From the alcohol alley you can acces all the part of the dimension:
    -The PUB

    -The luxuous PUB

    -Some houses for those who drink too much

    -Alcohol manufactory

    -Goods train (the first one of the TRR)

    -The train station

    -A Neo-empyrean train transformed into pub

    Enjoy alholic travel on the Telara Rail Road!
    Guild: La main occulte on Brisesol.
    French translator of Tinker Tools.
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    This newest station is wonderful! Your original idea for creating the Telara Railroad (TRR) is so fascinating and I have enjoyed touring all the previous stations, along with this newest one. It was a pleasure getting a personal tour of Gare de l'alcool and chatting with you about this incredible and creative dimension. Kudos on an amazing project!

    P.S. I can't wait to learn more about you and the TRR when you join us as our special guest on the July 9th DTC Roadshow! Thanks!

    My wacky weird (and mostly old) dimensions are tagged (diva) on Wolfsbane, Zaviel,
    Brutwacht, and Gelidra. I love to visit dimensions, so please invite me to see yours!

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    Yea I like the railroad idea too, really makes you wish there was some teleport from one dimension to another so you can actually take the train...

    I wonder what kind of alcoholic stuff runs through those pipelines, is it even safe to smoke there? ^^

    And I'm still amazed at the size of this place, doesn't happen often that you can walk Anywhere from boundary to boundary without a feeling of emptiness.

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