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Thread: Customer Service: how it works in other areas of the game

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    Default Customer Service: how it works in other areas of the game

    (wall of text inc, but I wanted to be thorough and include examples. thank you for your patience in reading this)

    In the Dungeons & Raids forum, on 3/23/16, a bug was reported regarding some Arak crystals not being visible. A smidge less than 24 hours later, krug responded that the issue was being looked into. The team obviously hopped right on this important issue because a fix was announced on 3/29/16 - just SIX DAYS after the issue was raised. Unfortunately, there was a glitch with the fix that was acknowledged on 3/30....but that was quickly fixed and "went live without a community note," according to krug. And all was well again in the Dungeons & Raids community. Problem raised - response from dev - fix achieved and noted by dev.

    From discovery to final fix, it took a total of SEVEN DAYS. http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...-hard-see.html

    Please compare this with a number of bugs within the Dimensions world. How long did it take them to care about, let alone fix the 1/0 bug? Floors dropping out issues? ToD's being buggy. Loot tables being massacred. The open eye disappearing from hands. These are technical issues that should be fixed immediately, and if that is not possible, there should be open and frequent communication so the community knows the status of the issue.

    Here's a specific example: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...g-strange.html The OP was on 3/14 and less than 4 hours later (yay) Marigold responded that they would take a look at it 'later this week'. 3/16 Marigold follows up and says we will 'look at the issue'....and there has been no further followup. Interestingly, a separate graphics issue (some glow around a warlock?) was raised...which received an immediate request for further information by Marigold (duly provided) with a promise (within 30 MINUTES) that a fix was in the works! But we got a 'we'll look into it later this week'....

    But what about quality of play issues? Many of those too are addressed rapidly in other areas of the game. In this thread http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...oint-view.html, I like how Ocho eventually steps in and gives a considered response as to why a specific change was made. He felt the boost was beneficial and explained why.

    We very rarely receive the same courtesy for our quality of play issues (especially since Mort left). For example, RNG concerns, increased monetizing of new dim items, dim expansion costs, requests for locking features, sound effects in the Sanctuary of Rebirth, issues with cloning....the list goes on. I've been scanning the forum history for hours re-acquainting myself with all the topics that have been swept under the rug over the past six months. It's disheartening.

    There are some clear "dropped-ball" instances. For example: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ary-query.html. The OP was 12/11, with responses from Mort on 12/14, 12/14, 2/4, and 2/10 saying 'fix may be coming, but be patient.' The last post was on 2/29 showing no fix....has this issue been "forgotten" because Mort is gone?

    Customer Relations overall very, very poor. This thread http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...tems-drop.html contains a very telling example. Going back through 6 pages of topics, I counted at least 20 instances of issues being raised with a DEV RESPONSE REQUESTED, and they were completely ignored. I realize that some of the issues were minor and probably didn't require Dev action...but they should have at least responded when requested. The General Discussion forum is continuously monitored by Devs, hence the high rate of response. I sincerely doubt ANYONE is assigned to regularly monitor the Dimensions chat, so either our requests for response are not even seen....or seen and ignored anyway.

    As mentioned concisely here by Feendish yesterday http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...reate-one.html "The only thing I can suggest is to keep speaking up. The dimension community has never been as full of vitriol as general discussion or the pvp forums, but that doesn't mean we don't get angry when Trion does dumb stuff--and when they do dumb stuff, we should tell them, very clearly and plainly--just like when they do good stuff."

    As a community, we meet Trion more than halfway. For example, this post by Laeti http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...cret-loot.html was a beautiful summation of the (very old and continuing) issues with Stan's Lure. I am only highlighting this one post, but it is merely the last in a long line of such posts by loyal community members such as Laeti, Kiwi, Feendish, Bellarosa, Kitasia, etc., that communicate in a concise manner what our concerns are, what technical issues exist, etc., and do so in a respectful manner. Clearly we are banging the drum loudly.

    Why are we not being heard and not deserving of representation? The purpose of my attempted poll question yesterday was to try to emphasize that a lot of money is spent within the dimension community (whether they play other content or not), which should make us a community worth keeping happy.

    Before anyone suggests dimensions are a low priority because they having nothing to do with game progression, I give you the Wardrobe system. No one needs wardrobe. Period. However, it is constantly monitored, tweaked, improved. I searched in vain for a specific post that happened right in the middle of the 'Patron changes fiasco' that whined that a few pieces of wardrobe didn't close correctly over the back or thigh, or something like that. Did this issue affect game play progression? NO. But it was addressed and fixed nonetheless.

    The way I see it - if Trion creates it and puts it in-game for us to play, it is by definition important. Trion has the single best and most unique player housing system in the entire MMO-verse. They should be proud as it is an incredible strength for the game...yet they are seemingly throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    I respectfully request that a DEV respond in this thread or a brand new one that they acknowledge we have concerns and issues that need addressing, and that someone on the Rift Team is going to focus on said concerns and issues. Taking away Mort made a barely tenable situation even more unacceptable.
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    First off - thank you for bringing up some very good points.

    Just to be clear - my post is not some "oh just relax" or "everything is fine" kind of thing, it is just my perception.

    Now, first thing to mention is: there is customer service and there is customer service. There are common issues that are easily checked and resolved, and I have yet to see a negative review of this side of Trion CS. From my own experience, they're as helpful and sweet as they can be. I have never had any issues with CS whether it was some tech problem or in-game/forum attacks etc.

    And then there are bugs and other nasty things. It might seem as if other areas of Rift receive more attention or the fixes come easier and faster, but it would be wrong to think so. There are numerous bugs that still need fixing simply because they are incredibly hard to track anywhere outside Live, and even if they get reported and acknowledged, there's still no overnight solution. So while some bugs get their fixes quiet fast, others are still here to stay until they find the way to fix it without affecting something else. Even if we assume that all the bugs are somehow equally difficult/easy to fix (which isn't true), there's still the player-to-CS part where it's really important to give as much info as one can give, and ideally - from as many players as possible. From what I've seen in the majority of forums posts - there's always the "OMG it doesn't work fix it or I quit!!!111" kind of "reports" which isn't helpful at all. There's just bits and pieces of valuable info to work with. We don't know how many reports are being sent from in-game UI and how relevant these reports are.

    So, tldr: looking at it only from the "why are these bugs getting fixed quicker than those" point of view would be a mistake - not because it's wrong to question it, but because it's just one small part of the bigger picture.

    The way I see it, the issue here is not that Dim community has more concerns than any other Rift community - it doesn't, in fact, comparing to general playerbase issues, ours are just a drop in the bucket ocean. What's worse is that - and I've said it before - we lack this communication 'link' that most communities have. Mort was our go-to person, and even when he seemed clearly overwhelmed with dim&crafting and whatever stuff - he still managed to keep this interaction going. Now we still get the attention and lots of new stuffs but we literally need to shout out to get a response every time we have an issue. It feels wrong. I'm not saying someone should spend hours babysitting the dimmers - but this forum accumulates issues and they need replies. And yes, seeing the "we're looking into it" is important, but actually seeing the problems going poof at least at some point is way better. Again, it's not about "just do whatever we say because reasons", and there's also things that simply cannot be done (this is the moment when someone smart comes in and reminds me why we can't lock dim items). But still. Even the 1st page of Dim forums has enough issues and suggestions to begin with. No one is saying they should all be fixed in one day - but we never even see the updates on what's going on with long reported bugs. It's not the quality of fixes and new things, it's the total lack of knowledge of any progress, and no - not one - explanation as to why this and that isn't going to happen or this&that will take some time but will be managed.

    *Sorry for the text wall, apparently it's contagious.
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