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Thread: POLL - does someone know how to create one?

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    Default POLL - does someone know how to create one?

    My subscription ends soon and I am undecided what to do next. After years of playing content (since launch), I have finally settled into a dimension-only gaming style. It's a passion, as most of you understand.

    However, my joy of late has been severely curtailed because I perceive that our "corner of the game" is no longer supported by Trion, with the most glaring evidence being the transfer of our representative, Morticus, with no replacement announced. These forums are filled with suggestions, concerns, complaints that go largely ignored (with the latest example being Laeti's thread on Stan's Lure).

    The question is (or might be), are Dimension-players a viable part of Trion's economy, one that would warrant attention? If I knew how to create a poll, I would have asked the following:

    If Dimensions factor heavily into your play style and are the reason you spend money on the game, how much do you spend a month (on average)? Please include subscription costs, but you could also factor in REX, even if bought with ingame currency, since it still reflects how much we, as dimension-players, contribute to Trion's coffers.

    a. 0-50
    b. 50-100
    c. 100-150
    d. 150+

    The reason I wanted this to be a poll (other than seeing the responses clearly quantified), is its anonymous nature - there's no need personally to know who spends what, although I will put myself out there and say I would mark B.

    I know we will probably not be in the same dollar league as raiders, but I actually DO think we invest quite a bit into the system.

    EDIT: If someone could generate a poll along these lines, I would be grateful!
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    Not sure it's quiet right to separate dim community from everyone else, to be honest. I mean sure there's a number of people who only do dimensions and nothing else, but mostly dimmers are just players like everyone else, some casuals, some raiders, some pvp'ers etc. Probably any person who only does dimensions occasionally but is invested in the game both in time and money can be added to the dim community with dims only being one of their interests.

    So for a clear result you'd need the dim-only people to vote otherwise it's more of a "how much do X players spend on the game" kind of question (you could as well ask it in General and have similar results - from 0 to infinity).

    Without getting into the whole money issue which is pretty personal I think even the dim-only people spend quiet a lot, mostly because when dims is all you do you'd still need plat and credits, and the only source would be buying credits and selling REX. As for everyone else - I think the rate is pretty random, some can afford spending more money and some can afford spending more time, just the same as all the other Rift players.

    As for the communication part - it is indeed a very important question since after Morticus left it looks like we're the only community that doesn't have "our own special" Dev to turn to with questions, concerns and suggestions. I don't feel like we're being ignored - on the contrary; but I do feel like dimension part of the game is now scattered between different people with no 'link' between the players and Devs. If anything, we need someone to be our go-to person, someone to pass the suggestions and reports to the dev team and also participate in discussion to keep the community updated as well. We're not being ignored, more like left on our own - and that is, of course, quiet sad.
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    Polls are disabled through the forums here, so you'd need to utilize a 3rd party resource if you want to do that.

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    You bring up valid points, Laeti!

    I'm just a wee bit frustrated and trying to find a way to say, "hey, pay attention to us - we are worth the effort." Sometimes my inner 5-year-old makes a showing, haha.

    I would love to see further dialogue.....

    And thanks, Cupcakey! I read the forum instructions, then didn't see the option - didn't realize it had been removed.
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    We went through this communication vacuum a while back, when we lost Faratha, and I think a lot of things have to do with the perception of dimensions as pure fluff, since the vast majority look on a game environment like Rift's as a linear progression thing--and dimensions don't contribute to that progression. Dimension progression, if you want to look at that way, as I often choose to, generally takes the form of contests.

    I know a few, very few, people that ONLY build dimensions. I hesitate to speculate how much someone might spend, but it likely would be significant, due to T5 upgrades, and raising the plat to buy things that require running content, like the 5th anniversary tickets (someone on GB today is selling glass blocks for 100p EACH) and having to buy items from people who do run content when there is no credit alternative. I know I get pretty prickly if someone starts asking or commenting about how much I might spend, so I've never asked.

    The vast majority are also part of the larger community, running dungeons and raids, pvp-ing and just standing around modelling their newest outfit in Tempest Bay.

    I agree with Laeti that the situation is more like too many hands stirring the pot than not enough. Dimensions are part of the systems team, so there's Vladd. If you've ever joined the dimension Skype channel, you'll run into Vladd, Marigold, Gingers, Roughraptors, and Ocho. How are all these disparate areas communicating with each other? That, I don't know.

    I like having that singular face and point of contact to either blame for things that are wrong, or compliment for things that are right, so I totally get your frustration, too. Most dimensionerds are very passionate about this part of the game, we want and got accustomed to the open channel of communication (and how I miss that orange text!).

    I do think there have been consistently missed opportunities in the ways dimensions have been handled. The whole attitude to me feels a bit like: "Here's this big open space to do whatever you want, here's a few items that don't match and some lockboxes. If you don't like it, there's the door. Deuces."

    Granted, there are some that buck this trend pretty significantly. krug has been awesome with the interactive books, the cats, and now dimension "artifacts" that up for testing on the PTS. Marigold is giving us exactly what we said we wanted with the differently colored pillows and the pastel limestone blocks.

    Sorry for the wall of text. The only thing I can suggest is to keep speaking up. The dimension community has never been as full of vitriol as general discussion or the pvp forums, but that doesn't mean we don't get angry when Trion does dumb stuff--and when they do dumb stuff, we should tell them, very clearly and plainly--just like when they do good stuff.

    If they really care, at some point someone will communicate. And if not, the emptiness will give them the reason why.
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    Well, Kay Macleod, I have for the most part weened myself off of rift. I guess I went out the way of Zill and Mirt.

    With time constraints, 2 daughters and other real life things going I had less and less time to do what I loved most. Of course the RL things are what broke the camels back.

    The new changes and seeing Credit option of everything, plus the glyph hijacking my internet I logged off pretty much soured the deal here.

    Seeing credits for most Dim items was a real punch in the face, and for the one thing I wanted credit options for(Glass and water building blocks) they don't have it.

    This game just became more of a grind to get the simplest things and fun got sucked out of it.

    Putting the tile sets we have been asking for behind the Callweddi scandal. Random grab bags, completing insane chronicles.

    The last few months, I had resorted to just Dailies and dim building. But now the grind for simple dim items killed off all motivation.

    Unfortunatly I just can't quit Rift, because I run the largest Guild in Laethy's, and have people depending on me to make their lives happier. For now its basic guild management and 30 minutes of guild chatting.

    The direction trion took, for me personally, was the final nail in the coffin. No dev replacement for Morticus, just makes it seem all the much more vacant.

    I hope someday to return, inspired by a better change from Trion, but I won't hold my breath.

    I still stop by the forums and like to check out new dims people have built and I'm always impressed by what I see.

    Good luck to everyone on getting what you all deserve as loyal dimension fans.
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    I have been playing rift for about 1 1/2 yrs now and dimming for 8 months. I will tell you I never purchased credits prior to dimming. I guess I am one of those few who play rift mainly for dimensions. I do dailies for the plat and will do events for dim related items. I do not raid nor pvp. I do believe we as a group do contribute enormously to trion. The festivals alone with bag purchases I believe is quite substantial. As for me I have purchased credits for dim expansion, bags and even some scratchers. However with the scratchers I purchased less than half of the original amount.of credits as I intended to. The percentage mark up on the re-skinned pillows, rugs and curtains to me was not warranted . As long as I am putting in my two cents worth I will not being purchasing building blocks that are credit only nor will I be purchasing RNGs after seeing the contents that has come out of most.

    I hope this helps you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaymcleod View Post
    If someone could generate a poll along these lines, I would be grateful!
    You can create a poll right here: http://strawpoll.me/ then post the link here or in a new post.

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