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Thread: TY to DTC team and Ocho/Trion for Cozy2!

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    Default TY to DTC team and Ocho/Trion for Cozy2!

    After working over a month to build a first dimension and entry for the Cozy Cottage 2 contest ..I have a new appreciation, and am just *approaching* understanding of the creativity necessary to build the incredible dimensions the Rift community dreams up, and brings to life.

    I watched the near 4 hour stream of the DTC Tour today...and Feendish, Afflaq and Diva..you guys rock - seriously..you ROCK. From positive feedback and noticing details on every entry, to the pure stamina needed to get through them all! lol. You ladies rock You made me and I'm sure every participant feel noticed, and work appreciated, ..which is awesome.

    Ocho and Trion...providing prizes to be given out during the stream AND to the winners of the contest...you rock too! Having a developer support the players like this is something I've never personally experienced in a game before (and I've played a bunch of them!)

    Bottom line..cheers, for an afternoon that was inspiring.

    Thank you! I'm off to figure out where to build next!
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    Thank you so much, BlythElf!

    We were thrilled by the turnout for the Cozy Cottages 2 Contest! Participants included long-time builders, returning builders, and new builders like you , and we could not be happier! All of you made the CC2 contest such a blast!

    The livestream tour of the contest entries was the longest Roadshow ever! But our awesome audience of hardcore dimension lovers made it a fun time, with all the great comments about the dimensions and the often hilarious chat! Thanks to everybody for hanging out with us! High-five to Afflaq for bringing her crazy-wonderful MC skillz to the Roadshow!

    Ocho has always been very supportive of the DTC and so have other members of the Trion team. We try hard to make our part of the prize pool good but the loot from Trion makes it that much more fun! Ocho really spoiled us this time with contest prizes AND livestream loot! Thanks, Ocho and Trion!

    Now that CC2 has ended, it's time for new contest challenges! Kuula@Faeblight (who won a prize in CC2 for Cottage Cheese) has posted a new contes that looks awesome! And there are at least a couple of other contests in the works ... The dimension community is headed for more contest building & morphing fun!


    My wacky weird (and mostly old) dimensions are tagged (diva) on Wolfsbane, Zaviel,
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